Clarity expected on diesel driving bans

clarity expected on diesel driving bans

Before the landmark hearing at the federal administrative court on driving bans for diesel cars in cities, the demand for the introduction of a blue sticker is growing louder. "The federal government, at least the ministry of transport, seems to be sitting the issue out.

That ends up in our town halls, and that’s not where it belongs," helmut dedy, chief executive of the german city council, told the german press agency. If the court rules that driving bans are permissible, there will be a political debate about the introduction of a blue sticker.

"I don’t see any alternative to the blue badge then," dedy said. Then we can distinguish between new technology and old diesel cars. "For us it would be the only way to distinguish between the worse and the better vehicles. And only if you can distinguish, you can also reasonably deal with a possible driving ban."

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Ihk criticism of new school

Ihk criticism of new school

"As much as we buried the decision to build a new technical school in coburg with the above-mentioned focal points, we regret all the more that regional stakeholders were not involved earlier in the decision-making process.", IHK president friedrich herdan notes in a press release. "We had hoped for an earlier consultation on the selection of training courses in particular."

The coburg area is traditionally a strong economic region with a high level of industrial activity. With 184 industrial employees per 1,000 inhabitants, the city of coburg ranks 8th in bavaria. The main focus in the manufacturing sector is on the automotive supply industry, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering, said herdan. Coburg is also a strong financial and insurance location. Economic development potential lies not only in traditional industries but also in design, sensor technology and electromobility.

And herdan continues: "the supply of the regional economy with well-trained specialists will determine the prosperity of our economic region more than ever, not least against the backdrop of demographic change. Medium-sized companies need qualified specialists, not only in research and development, but especially in production. Qualified technicians are urgently needed here. According to the forecasts of the chamber of industry and commerce’s skilled workers monitor, there will be a shortage of around 2,600 skilled workers with technical training in the city and district of coburg in 2021. The bulk of the demand for skilled workers will develop in the local industrial companies, in the fields of automotive technology and mechanical engineering. In order to maintain and further challenge our economic strengths and to further develop the above-mentioned future industries, we need suitable strategies and measures to secure skilled workers. "

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Holy family at the entrance to the village

Holy family at the entrance to the village

It still exists, the cohesion in the villages. And he lets many a small wish come true. "I’ve been looking for a nativity scene to put up outside for years", says andi pfarrdrescher. He lives in schwabthal, is local spokesman and town councillor at the same time as well as gastronomer.

Erika dinkel’s plot at the entrance to the village, where a decorated christmas tree from the community has stood for years at christmas, offered itself as a beach location. Only the search for a suitable crib was not easy. It should be weatherproof, well preserved and above all affordable. "I even considered looking around in austria", andi smiles when, after another search on the internet, he finally found something suitable. He was not a little astonished when he read the offerer: a private person from kleukheim. Contact was quickly made, andi pfarrdrescher set out on his way. The crib is still available, said the father of the family, who did not want to be named. Some minor repairs are necessary, but otherwise the more than 20-year-old ensemble is in good condition. It was agreed that the crib stable with its figures would travel to the lautergrund in the trailer.

With its dimensions of 1.80 x 1.40 x 1 meter, the crib has a considerable size. Andi pfarrdrescher set off in search of sponsors. "Everyone I’ve asked has said ‘yes’ straight away", sums up the local spokesman. Katja and christian dinkel, marina and matthias dinkel, resi and josef ruppenstein, erika dinkel as well as andi and jutta pfarrdrescher are now, so to speak, a community of owners. Carpenter andreas ruppenstein offered to do the repairs on the roof of the nursery barn. This was three weeks ago.

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At home in the middle of the town of rodental

At home in the middle of the town of rodental

It was the five-year-old lotte who received the symbolic key for the new pastor fritzanke daycare center on friday. Architect roland schultheib presented her with the small work of art for the inauguration. Lotte and all the other children have long since settled in as the adults celebrate the completion of the facility. The fact that she, and not the head of the kindergarten, heidi ludwig, received the key should underline for whom planners and workers have been working hard in the past months: the children.
Mayor marco steiner () was keen to emphasize that only the building is new, not the kindergarten. It has been around for 110 years. At the time, it was built close to the factory as a foundation of the annawerk. Deacon gunther neidhardt found out that in kaiser’s time some things were already quite similar to what they are today. Like steiner, he had leafed through old records. The first director, fraulein bockelberg, noted in 1908 that embroidery, knitting, building and folding would be taught in the kindergarten, and as often as possible in the garden. In 1918, however, the kindergarten management was pleased that a donation made it possible to "purchase helmets and rifles for all the boys."

Changing wearers

The kindergarten was initially run as a foundation. In 1942 it was taken over by the national socialist volkswohlfahrt, after the war it went to the bavarian state office for property administration and became property of the state of bavaria. A little later, pastor fritz anke founded a kindergarten association, which was soon able to take over the kindergarten. Today, the evangelical church community is the facility’s sponsor. Construction load carrier is the city of rodental.
The city council therefore had to decide what to do with the old fritz-anke kindergarten. "A new building on the old site would not have been possible", marco steiner stated. Because there was no alternative for the company to operate during the construction work. But the nursery was needed. Not only that, but it had to grow from two to three groups plus a nursery. So a new site was searched, which was found near the middle school. A place that reminds pastor jorg mahler of jesus’ quote "let the children come to me" recalled. Because: "we do not deport the children, they are in the middle of the city", he emphasized at the inauguration, which he performed together with his catholic colleague peter fischer.

Clear concept

The concept that architect roland schultheib followed in his planning could be seen by the guests during a tour of the facility. "I wanted bright rooms from which you can always see the green", he explained. This was made possible by a roofed area in front of the windows. Even when the sun is shining, there is no need to cover the windows," he says. In addition, there is always an area in the open air that offers shade or rain protection so that the children can go outside at any time. The kindergarten and the day nursery are separated inside – outside there is space for meeting again. Before he could implement his plans, however, the financing had to be clarified. There was an initial discussion about this with the government of upper franconia in november 2016, as marco steiner reports. "It was only supposed to be an interview, but it was so constructive that there was never any need for a further discussion", he describes the good cooperation with the government.
The fact that the 1.44 million euros in funding did not come from the government of upper franconia, but from the state of bavaria, was pointed out by the two members of the state parliament, jurgen W. Heike (CSU) and susann biedefeld (SPD) stated in unison. With considerable construction costs of around 1.75 million euros, the city’s share was limited to just over 300,000 euros. This also did not change significantly during the construction period.
The former building of the kindergarten has meanwhile gone back to the evangelical church community, as rainer mattern confirmed on behalf of the deanery.
District administrator michael busch (SPD) emphasized that the district of coburg is top in bavaria in the employment rate of women. This is possible not least because the district is also top in child care.
The problems of the adults were of little interest to the children. They are thrilled with the well-equipped rooms and are eagerly awaiting the installation of the playground equipment.

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Election posters have a second life as works of art

Election posters have a second life as works of art

They are totally different and cheerful in a time of corona-tristesse: those of children from the (closed) steppach daycare center "arche noah" painted pictures. For the artwork, the election posters of gerd dallner, the new mayor of pommersfelden, were recycled.

In steppach, children have decorated the gates and fences of their houses with the pictures (the FT reported). The newly elected mayor loved to compile the collected works of the steppach youngsters into a collage in DIN-A-1 format (59.4 by 84.1 centimeters). In the middle the whole is explained by the report in the frankischer tag. The finished collage can now be admired on the fence of the kindergarten, but also as a "collage to go" on a smaller scale. On a tour of the village, the individual "paintings" can be seen thus be ticked off.

Outstanding was the presentation of the new mayor with dali mustache and devil horns, which a child gave to the new head of the municipality. As it became known, this painting can unfortunately not be admired in public space, but hangs at the entrance to a very private children's room.

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Chemnitz boss anti-semitically insulted by his own fans

Chemnitz boss anti-Semitically insulted by his own fans

According to the CFC, in particular managing director thomas sobotzik had been insulted with anti-semitic slurs. In addition, some supporters had shown solidarity with the knowledgeable ex-captain daniel frahn. First the MDR had reported about the incidents.

"Threats and statements like "thomas sobotzik, you jew sow" or "daniel frahn is at least not a negro" must not have any acceptance in our society," the CFC's statement said, adding that it "finds the revolts disgusting and rejects them in the strongest possible terms. The third league club also wants to take legal action.

After the final whistle of the match, which ended 2-2, CFC officials had decided that the team would not say goodbye to the fans in the curva. When sobotzik and wunderlich told this to the supporters, further insults were said to have been shouted from the curve. This confirmed press spokesman wunderlich of the german press agency. "We don't want these people to ruin the reputation of chemnitz FC," wunderlich explained.

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Analyses: the mars soil is brighter than thought

analyses: the mars soil is brighter than thought

This is shown by two independent analyses of images taken by the mars reconnaissance orbiter space probe. The soil of the red planet contains feldspar-rich minerals in many places, as they have previously only been observed on the earth and on the moon. Scientists report on this in the british journal "nature geoscience". Until now, researchers had assumed that the martian soil consisted almost exclusively of dense, dark basalt.

The groups around james wray of the georgia institute of technology (USA) and around john carter of the european southern observatory eso in chile had found with an infrared spectrometer on board of the space probe several mars regions, which have feldspar-rich, lighter rocks. The discovery shows that the bright rock recently discovered by the mars rover "curiosity" is probably not an isolated occurrence. This, in turn, suggests that there was much more magma activity on young mars than previously thought.

Feldspar is usually the product of complex magma processes. On mars, which unlike earth has no known plate tectonics, there is little evidence of significant magma evolution, such as repeated melting and crystallization of lighter, feldspar- and silica-rich rock. Such "felsic" rock forms the essential part of the earth’s crust. The discovery of rocky outcrops by the mars rover had therefore surprised the researchers.

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“Trauma is allowed”

The list of contenders for the title before the start of the season included almost a third of the clubs in the 3. League east. The EHV aue was on it, the dessau-roblau HV, the HSC 2000 coburg, the TG munden and the ESV lok pirna. The experts were right about aue, which leads the field with 27:3 points before the start of the second half of the season. Only one team will help the EHV to win the title and promotion to the 2. League east. Bundesliga contenders. The HSC bad neustadt. HSC coach matthias obinger (31) blames, among other things, the cohesion of his team for their great performances in the preliminary round.

Question: how do you assess the course of the season so far??

Matthias obinger: we played a perfect first half of the season. If you consider that we haven’t been able to play with the full squad since the coburg game, that speaks for the balance in the team.

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Google and itunes sued for app stores

25 clauses in the general terms and conditions of business (GTC) are objected to in each case, as announced by the consumer users in berlin on monday. Complaints included a lack of an imprint on the website, excessively long contractual terms and conditions and clauses to the detriment of consumers.

After reviewing the terms and conditions, the consumer advice center sent warnings to five app store operators demanding that they issue a cease-and-desist declaration with a penalty clause. Microsoft and nokia had already followed this demand and changed their terms and conditions accordingly, vzbv representative bianca skutnik told the dpa news agency.

Samsung had partially agreed to a change of the objected clauses. Google and itunes, however, had refused to issue a cease-and-desist declaration and had now been sued before the berlin district court. There is no date for the negotiations yet, said skutnik.

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Full concentration on the bundesliga

Full concentration on the Bundesliga

Missing out on the play-offs in the champions league and outside the play-off range in the bundesliga: the first half of the season went anything but smoothly for the bamberg-based brose basketball team. The first-round exit from the european competition, which is only third-rate internationally, has tarnished the image of the former series champions, but perhaps it also has something good in it: the bambergers, who were also eliminated from the cup, can now concentrate fully on achieving at least one of their three goals for the season.

"We now have four games until the national team break, three of them in the national league. We want to win all of them, then the world will look a bit friendlier again", says brose coach roel moors ahead of sunday’s home game (3 p.M.) against the frankfurt skyliners. Let the team follow his words deeds, then they would be back in the geschaft. Fourth-placed oldenburg has only two points more on its account than the bambergers.

A home win over frankfurt, the team with the weakest offense in the bundesliga (74.8 points on average), should be a must. The task will be far more difficult the following weekend in vechta. On tuesday, 11. February, another home game is scheduled against promoted hamburg towers before the three-week break in the country.

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