Young musicians show what they can do

Young musicians show what they can do

At the end of the school year, the youngest musicians in ebensfeld have their first rough performance in front of an audience at the annual school and youth concert of the ebensfeld music association. Second chairman benedikt kruger moderated the one-hour sunday morning concert with a total of four orchestras and 70 children and teenagers, for which all the seats in the eben sfeld school auditorium had been filled.

Kruger also referred to the broad musical youth work of the music association, which extends from the age of two to the more mature age of the adult blaser class. He expressed his special thanks not only to the teachers, but also to the ebensfeld market and the pater lunkenbein school in ebensfeld for their excellent cooperation.

The first part was played by the smallest musicians from the early musical education. Under the guidance of brooke emery-leyh, children up to preschool age learn to acquire a sense of rhythm, especially with the flute and percussion instruments. Visibly enthusiastic, the youngsters marched into the school auditorium to open the concert.

In cooperation with the pater lunkenbein school, children in the first and second grades in ebensfeld can learn to play block floats. Under the direction of susi schliefer and astrid krappmann, the flotenkinder u.A. Folk and children's songs, such as "hansel and gretel", have long since ceased to belong to the category, "grun, grun, grun are all my clothes" or "all the birds are already here", to which there was also a lot of singing along.

For more than ten years, children in the third and fourth grades have been able to learn a wind instrument in regular music lessons in ebensfeld. This school/club cooperation project is also being enthusiastically taken up in ebensfeld, so that 20 children each week are diligently practicing wind music.

The overall management is in the hands of thomas helmreich, who once again skilfully moderated the pieces. All european with the "ode to joy about traditional "turmblaser"-music up to the always inspiring "monster rock the spectrum of the brass musicians performing in their colorful t-shirts was wide.

Finally, the junior band, which was founded at the end of the last school year and serves as a stepping stone from the wind class to the concert band U25, formed the finale, so that a suitable orchestra is available for every performance level in ebensfeld. Under the direction of eva murmann, who recently graduated from the vocational school for music in bad konigshofen, the small orchestra presented the pieces "star wars" and the traditional "star polka, with which the junior band had participated with very good success in the competition. Of course, an encore could not be missing, which the brass classes and the junior band played with special enthusiasm. 

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