With “siggi” everyone feels good in autenhausen


In this bath the motto is "rest instead of slide". Compared to modern spas, the autenhausen recreational facility looks like a relic from a bygone era. The swimming pool, picturesquely situated on the edge of the seblach district in the creek bed of the kreck, is nevertheless not to be reduced in size. The 40th anniversary of the facility will be celebrated this weekend.

People liked to swim in autenhausen even after the second world war: residents of the then still independent community used a weir on the kreck to cool off in the water. Since it was located in the immediate vicinity of the zonal border, however, land mines from the GDR border fortifications that had been sprayed into the water often clouded the pool.

In search of a safer place to swim, the municipality loved to dredge a pond in the erlenbachsgrund, but it was quickly overrun by algae. This is how the plans for a swimming pool behind the sports ground came into being. The construction was a great effort for the small community. On 25. June 1972 the new facility was put into operation. Since then, a lot has happened: the technical and sanitary facilities have been modernized, the changing rooms have been renewed, the roof has been renovated and a paddling pool has been built for the smallest bathers. When the sun and warmth are missing, the water is heated to a constant 25 degrees thanks to the heating system.
In view of the current weather conditions, only a few visitors dare to enter the open-air swimming pool. Nevertheless, lifeguard siegfried schmidt (better known as "der siggi") has his hands full: supervising the pool, maintaining the entire facility, mowing the lawn, cleaning the pools, checking the water quality, cleaning, tidying up and looking after the guests – especially those who belong to the groups booked into the neighboring campgrounds.

Luckily "siggi" is remained

To "siggis the trained bricklayer sells everything a child's heart desires – from chips and wieners to ice cream and soda pop. Siegfried schmidt is a "passionate lifeguard". He is also celebrating an anniversary this year: he has been the "girl for everything" in autenhausen for ten years now. He even put it in writing that his way of dealing with children and guests is well received: "siggi, you are the very best, coolest and sweetest pool attendant in the world" was written on a poster with which the children of the vacation week tried to persuade him to stay. That was when he wanted to quit after his first year because of low income.

"Siggis" unconventional manner and helpfulness leave an impression. The organizer of a father-child camp weekend, also in 2003, wrote to mayor hendrik dressel (freie wahler): "his way of dealing with the children and young people demands respect." Under schmidt's leadership, the campground and swimming pool have become "a billboard for seblach" became.

As early as the 25th anniversary of the swimming pool in 1997, dressel himself had called the swimming pool a "communal facility with high esteem" called. At that time, hans kellner, a longtime lifeguard, was also responsible. For 16 years, the pensioner, supported by his wife kunigunde, faced up to the multifaceted task. "That was his life. He was simply there for the swimming pool", remembers the 83-year-old. "And so do i, because it's hard to keep an eye on everything alone. One eye must always be on the pool." The waiters work 14 hours a day in the open-air swimming pool on a voluntary basis, for a small compensation, but with a lot of idealism.

Especially directly after the turnaround there was a lot to do. "We managed the swimming pool like our own property", says hans kellner. His wife can still look up the daily income: "we didn't get rich from the job", she reports. "But rich in experience", adds her husband. Since 2007, the lifeguard has been funded by the city of seblach on a half-time basis. Fruhrentner waiter enjoyed it until he was 70. The opportunity to get together with a lot of young people in the first year of life. Trouble with the kids, who loved to throw in the towel after a year or two, kept kellner busy rather little.
Today, many young people are attracted to the coarser spabbader. The autenhausen recreational facility, on the other hand, is considered a secret tip by groups. The coburg martial arts school "bushido" has just been established guest – for the third time. Their chairman, stefan muller, finds the 10,000 square meter coarse land away from the road traffic "ingenious".

Here you can party

At least there you could "have a good party" with children. And, what is not unimportant: neighbors one could storen, there are none. Auber perhaps the permanent guests of the adjacent camping site. But they are rarely present.

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