Upper franconian authorities do not provide detailed corona figures – that’s what’s behind them

Upper Franconian authorities do not provide detailed corona figures - that's what's behind them

In the corona crisis, the district offices and independent cities in franconia publish current case figures on corona deaths and registered infected persons on an almost daily basis. There is, however, a gross difference between the localities.

While, for example, individual district offices in central franconia provide detailed figures – broken down by individual towns, communities, markets, etc. – I do not believe that wildfleck has a future. – published, the situation in upper franconia is different: here, only the total figures from the city and the state are published. County named.

No resolved coronavirus numbers from upper franconia

In a recent announcement on wednesday (29. April 2020), for example, the district office of hof only gives the following figures for the city and county of hof: all registered to date corona trap (482), of which already recovered (319) as well as deaths of covid-19 infected persons (27). In addition, the district office confirms the latest fatality (82-year-old woman from a nursing home in the district of hof). The situation is comparable in all other regions of upper franconia. Only the total figures are shown here:

  • Bamberg
  • Bayreuth
  • Coburg
  • Forchheim
  • Kronach
  • Kulmbach
  • Lichtenfels
  • Wunsiedel

Individual district offices in central franconia record data

Much more detailed the figures from individual district offices are in central franconia. In addition to the recorded coronavirus cases, recovered persons and fatal victims, the data will be further.

Thus the nurnberger land leads on the same day (29. April 2020) in detail, how many traps there are in the individual communities there: altdorf: 34, burgthann: 31, feucht: 32, happurg: 13, etc. Cases of five or more persons are mentioned here.

However, in central franconia there are also local differences: in individual localities there is a breakdown, such as z.B. In the district of furth, in others it is handled as in the whole of upper franconia.

Government of upper franconia sees personal rights and data protection in danger

So why not in upper franconia? At the request of our site the upper franconian government explains its approach.

When breaking down the case numbers by individual communities and cities, one had to distinguish between the public interest in information and the general personal law, explains spokeswoman alexa buckler. The privacy and data protection be in this case important. This is the conclusion reached by the mayors and district councils of upper franconia.

The danger that individual residents who had tested positive could be directly or indirectly infected with the virus was a reason for not publishing the figures identifiable for example, in the case of the publication of case numbers in local nursing homes or, for example, by the employer. In particular small communities or low case numbers then the personal protection is no longer to be maintained.

Conclusion: due to the low coarseness of some municipalities (in some cases far below 1,000 inhabitants) and the verhaltnismabig low number of corona-infected persons, the corona traps in upper franconia are not currently broken down by individual municipalities, the government says.

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