U.s. Republicans begin key primary in illinois

u.s. republicans begin key primary in illinois

Experts see the vote in the populous state of illinois as a chance for ex-governor mitt romney to finally distance himself from his strongest rival, archconservative rick santorum.

Polls predict multimillionaire romney with 39 percent of the vote and santorum with only 31 percent. Ex-parliamentary president newt gingrich and radical liberal congressman ron paul instead have to settle for far behind places. However: so far all applicants emphasize, they did not want to throw in the towel in any case.

Illinois vote to select 69 delegates for summer nominating convention. According to calculations by the CNN television channel, the pro-business romney has so far won a total of 518 delegates, while the strongly religious santorum has won 239. To be nominated as president barack obama’s opponent at the republican convention in august, a candidate needs at least 1144 delegate votes.

Behind the scenes, republicans are already preparing for a cutthroat convention – a scenario considered a nightmare for the party. Santorum is said to be preparing to hold out until the convention at all costs. There he and his team tried to change the pro-romney delegates’ minds and win them over.

Santorum’s calculus: delegates at nominating party conventions are generally considered to have a strict conservative bias. "The party congress will nominate a conservative. The convention will not nominate a moderate from the massachusetts establishment," said santorum, referring to romney.

This was going to throw off the whole direction of the convention: party conventions in the U.S. Are usually a finely tuned show with colorful balloons, music and good vibes – combat votes don’t fit the bill. The last time there was an open contest at the republican party convention was in 1976: at that time, president gerald ford prevailed over challenger ronald reagan – ford lost the presidential election to the democrat jimmy carter.

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