“Trauma is allowed”

The list of contenders for the title before the start of the season included almost a third of the clubs in the 3. League east. The EHV aue was on it, the dessau-roblau HV, the HSC 2000 coburg, the TG munden and the ESV lok pirna. The experts were right about aue, which leads the field with 27:3 points before the start of the second half of the season. Only one team will help the EHV to win the title and promotion to the 2. League east. Bundesliga contenders. The HSC bad neustadt. HSC coach matthias obinger (31) blames, among other things, the cohesion of his team for their great performances in the preliminary round.

Question: how do you assess the course of the season so far??

Matthias obinger: we played a perfect first half of the season. If you consider that we haven’t been able to play with the full squad since the coburg game, that speaks for the balance in the team.

Are you surprised by the result?

Obinger: not really. We have specifically strengthened the team after the departures and significantly increased the scope of training. That we rank however after the hinrunde on place two, one could not count on it.

In the preliminary round, there were some serious personnel problems due to the departures of daniel hellwig and adrian wendlandt, the national team appearances of gary hines, margots valkovskis and janis pavlovics, and the injuries to stefan schuchardt, vilim leskovec and alexander simon. Why did the team take this so well?

Obinger: because it works as a team. In the team, each individual has found his position. Due to the departures and failures, the team has slipped even closer together. That speaks for the character in the team. Envy or resentment are foreign words.

Do you see the HSC in its current composition as suitable for the second division??

Obinger: I think the HSC is with its entire structure absolutely third league suitable. Maybe in the medium or long term even suitable for the second league. But something like this must grow. The promotion of the team usually comes to nothing. The policy of small steps applies. Then perhaps in perspective once more is in it. Dreaming is allowed.

How do you rate the strength of the league? Are there positive surprises? Who has been replaced?

Obinger: as was to be expected, the league has become even stronger in its breadth. No more comparison to the regional leagues. This is shown by the results week after week. In my opinion, it’s still too early to talk about replacements. After all it is only half time. However, I would like to rate our performance as quite positive. But also the fifth place of the wolves from rimpar i consider as a positive surprise.

Have you already considered new players for the next season or do you want to strengthen your team during the winter break??

Obinger: we are constantly exploring the market and watching players. At this point in time, no short-term reinforcements are planned. But some players are on the list for the next season.

Have they already verlangert their contract?

Obinger: no. My contract expires at the end of the season. There has been a first discussion with the club management. But nothing has been decided yet.

Has the season goal actually changed??

Obinger: no. We said before the season that we want to win every game and look from game to game. We will keep these guidelines and will not make any corrections.

Who will be champion?

Obinger: the EHV aue.

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