The winter wonderland invites to cross-country skiing

The winter wonderland invites to cross-country skiing


Karl-heinz hofmann

North of rothenkirchen in the landleitenbachtal there are wonderful recreational opportunities. Besides hiking, tobogganing and cross-country skiing, there are also attractive views of the snow-covered winter landscape, especially when cross-country skiing.

At present, of the two attractive trails, unfortunately only trail two is groomed. The trail runs for six kilometers and climbs 60 meters of medium difficulty, starting from the parking lot of the natural swimming pool.

After a few meters – if you look to the right on the slope of the galgenberg – you can currently see a bizarre play of icicles in symbiosis with snow on the stones of the former quarry. After that comes the trim-you-path and a with electricity and showers like sanitary facilities equipped camper and camping site.

Soon double spab

As soon as the woodfalling work allows it, the second cross-country ski trail should also be groomed with a cross-country ski trail device. A trip is worthwhile – whether by fub or by cross-country skis .

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