The whir of the needle and hard rock

The whir of the needle and hard rock

V2. This raises questions. But behind the short engine is not a rocket model, rather an engine with two cylinders. This is motorcyclist jargon, and it is cultivated by the V2 friends from coburg. Just like a tattoo meeting that has been taking place in the city hall for several years now. Since 2020 and under their orientation heibt tattoo& custombike. A place enriched with trends, encounters and stories.

Customized motorcycles and individually decorated

A buzz is in the air. That, what the tattoo needles accomplish here, loads itself acoustically still with hardrock up. At least hard rock, often hard. People lie on top of each other, have their legs, shoulders, arms decorated. And in the back quarter of the stadthalle, dealers have parked motorcycles, called custombikes. That fits, says someone here from the organizers, because custom bikes are individual motorcycles and tattooed individually decorated. 27 booths are set up in the hall, 15 of them from tattoo studios all over germany. 15 studios also have more than one employee and klaus albrecht, a biker involved in the organization, guesses a total of 35 tattoo artists here. There are day passes and children up to twelve are admitted free of charge.

Questions on the thigh

One of the tattoo artists has a young woman in the works right now. On her thigh questions about questions: where have i been?? What did I do? How did it start? When did it start? What have I done? Luise heibt the 18-year-old from sonneberg and that with the questions is with her so a thing for itself. The young woman has poor memory and does not dare to go to the doctor. He could make an unpleasant diagnosis, maybe even something with a tumor. But the young woman from the hotel industry would rather not hear it. Even the simplest drink recipes have been written down for her, she says. Whole days and whole nights they forget, they just get lost in the nowhere. She also forgets when she is praised. Questions upon questions and the needle perpetuates them all to you.


"The all-knowing glen, that’s what he was called. You can ask him about trends and all kinds of other things, says one of the V2-friends and so you sit with glen over coffee. "Glen with one N, not like glenn miller, who had two N", says the friendly and approachable man. His right arm is "old school, old school then. This is the name of this tattoo style. His left arm is his "own creation". To be shown two styles like this makes one wonder what the current tattoo fashion is. They are "realistic tattoos", photorealistic even, because on presentation of a picture "from the dog, from the grandpa or from the children", these are imitated on the skin. But the term that really makes you sit up and take notice is polka-trash – polka-mull. This is how photorealistic motifs are created, with the addition of graphic elements.

Being tattooed is not a search

If you ask glen how much a tattoo artist should know about skin these days, he answers: "as much as it is possible to know." The luneburger "still has the old times in his head, no one was interested in them". The endvierziger argues a little that a scene became an industry. There has been commercialization. "At that time was a different universe than today", glan balances and you have to believe it, because while in the 80s still "dissolved charcoal tablets" today, when tattoo artists used to donate ink, they were constantly doing harmlessness tests on colors. If you talk to him about the fact that many tattooed people talk about addiction in relation to the number of their tattoos, then he waves it off with a reference to cocaine and alcohol. "I know what to look for. I think addiction has to do with loss of control and that can’t be compared to being tattooed." The man loves tattooing and it pulled him out of sumpfen. "Whenever I concentrate on drawing (the templates), it has freed a small space away from the search."

Another trend: episcleral tattooing. It means nothing else than injecting tattoo ink under the skin of the eye. A woman here in the hall wears the. She is also otherwise unusual – and unusually dark and coarse tattooed, yet of the most delicate shape. A knabin, thomas mann had written. Some people here give up ratsel.

Friendship statoo

A question that also comes up: do tattoo artists, in order to work with concentration and place strokes accurately, also need break times sometimes?? Yes, there are tattoo artists who tell you that they take small breaks for conscientious work. The body decoration chosen by veronika muller, vanessa dehler, eliana roor and anna-lena heppner is not so extensive that it requires rough pauses. The four young women have met in the educator training and have something in mind: it will be a friendship tattoo. Who says that is the redwitzerin vanessa dehler. They will each have four tiny hearts tattooed on their arms, but of the four hearts, only the one painted heart symbolizes the self. The painted heart sits in a different place for each of the women and somehow the idea has something of "one for all, all for one". But what if it should come to an argument between them?? "Then it stands for the memory of the good times together", says eliana roor. For 280 euro turnover they have provided.

Two months of preparation for the tattoo and custom bike show that took place on saturday and sunday. Klaus albrecht sits on a chair not far from the entrance and looks at the visitors, also observes the scenes in the catering area, how sales are generated there as well. But turnover alone is really not the point. Yes, there could have been a few more exhibitors here. But there were scheduling conflicts. There will certainly be an edition in 2021. "We are already working on it, scheduling agreements are underway."

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