The meaning of all saints and all souls

the meaning of all saints and all souls

All saints’ day and all souls’ day are catholic days of remembrance and mourning in november: while the roman catholic church remembers all its saints literally on all saints’ day, all souls’ day is the day on which the deceased are remembered through prayers and prayers for the dead.

The memorial days at the end of the church year are intended to comfort people, for example when the loss of a loved one was mourned in the past year. At the same time, christian days of mourning, with their diverse symbolism, bring the transience of life and the omnipresence of death into focus.

The catholic feast of all saints, which is celebrated annually on the 1. November has its origins in the orient.

There already knew around the turn to the 5. Century was a martyrs’ day, commemorating all those who had lived their christian faith in an exemplary manner and died as martyrs.

Later, the 2. November declared the day of all souls. This memorial day is dedicated to the memory of the deceased believers. Prayers for their souls. As a sign that they have not been forgotten by the living, the graves in the cemeteries are decorated with flowers and candles. While the flowers remind us of the transience of life, the candles symbolize the "light of life".

Nowadays there is hardly a clear distinction between the feast of the saints and the feast of the souls.

All saints’ day and all souls’ day have largely become an ecclesiastical commemoration of all the dead.

All saints’ day is a public holiday in baden-wurttemberg, bavaria, north rhine-westphalia, rhineland-palatinate and saarland.
According to the catholic understanding, the saints are intercessors before god, who can be called upon by the faithful. The protestant church does not know the veneration of saints in this sense. For them are the holy models in faith.

Parts of a medieval folk belief have survived to this day. This is how bakeries in bavaria or swabia offer seelenwecken or seelenbrezels. According to popular belief, the souls of the deceased return to their homeland during this time. Therefore one put them a wegzehrung in the room.

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