Stationary traffic becomes a matter for the chief executive

Stationary traffic becomes a matter for the chief executive

Problems with stationary traffic were the central topic at the castle meeting in stadtschwarzach on monday. Among the 80 participants in the "begegnungshaus arche", demands for more traffic control were voiced. Parking on main and side roads had already caused a stir in the castle meetings in gerlachshausen and horblach.

Carmen maesel criticized the parking behavior of drivers at the exits of kolpingstrabe and kardinal-dopfner-strabe onto wurzburger strabe. When entering the main road, the view is often blocked by parked cars, which leads to dangerous situations, says the complainant. In the mentioned area there is a restaurant and a hairdresser’s shop, parking on the wurzburger strabe is allowed.

Appeal to motorists

A lively discussion followed, which ended with an appeal to drivers not to park their vehicles on public roads, but on their own property if possible. Mayor volker schmitt promised the attendees to deal with the topic in the municipal council. In order to work out an overall concept, certain traffic areas will be examined at local meetings, according to the head of the community. In the past, the council had refused to join the traffic monitoring system for stationary traffic. However, because the parking situation in the villages had recently come to a head, the opinion of the council soon changed.

During the harmonious meeting there were still some burger wishes and questions. Clemens koberlein couldn’t understand why the lights were on all night at the bus park in munsterschwarzach and the city park in stadtschwarzach. Mayor schmitt explained that all the luminous bodies are equipped with leds. At the bus station in munsterschwarzach, the lights were dimmed down at night. At the city park, on the other hand, two or three lights were turned on at night because it would have been disproportionately expensive to switch them over to a timer system.

Pier for quarry pond must wait

Josef wagner wished for a jetty for the bathing area at the horblach quarry pond. Mayor schmitt informed him that the sand extraction is still in progress and that a recultivation will take place afterwards. The bathing operation is only tolerated by the LZR company for so long. A tourist development is not yet possible at the present time. Wagner was also interested in when the planned bathing bay on the main would be built in schwarzenau. "This is happening as part of the village renewal", schmitt answered with a look at no exact time. The bathing bay is to be built between the B22 bridge and the camping site.

Regarding the planned expansion of the A3 autobahn, schmitt was unable to quench achim riegel’s thirst for knowledge about the start of construction and the detours. "We don’t know yet when we’ll start and which section of the line we’ll be working on, according to schmitt. Sonja forster said that the new fluster asphalt on the B22 between the traffic circle and dullstadt would bring little improvement for residents in terms of reducing traffic noise.

All plots sold

At the beginning, mayor schmitt talked about the projects of the past twelve months, especially for stadtschwarzach. In the commercial area "south of the B22 all plots have been sold in the meantime, he said. The topic "animal shelter" could be put aside, since the new animal shelter is now being built in kitzingen. The old city wall in stadtschwarzach was renovated. He thanked manfred thiele, who voluntarily laid the rubble stones of the former city wall. The preservation of historical witnesses is very important to him, emphasized mayor schmitt in conclusion.

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