Schlecker offers 500 euro severance pay to laid-off workers

Schlecker offers 500 euro severance pay to laid-off workers

Statements made in court by a lawyer for the insolvency administration that the amount quoted in court was intended as a "guideline for all schlecker traps" were, however, contradicted by a spokesperson for the insolvency administrator on thursday. According to spokesman patrick hacker, there will be no uniform offer for skilled employees of the insolvent drugstore chain: "these are individual decisions," he said. The trade union verdi criticized the approach of the schlecker insolvency administration to offer severance payments of this amount to plaintiff ex-employees at this point in time.

The lawyer had offered the sum of 500 euros on wednesday in the labor court ulm during good negotiations with two plaintiff ex-schlecker-employees, as the competent judge nikolaus zimmermann confirmed. As he further said, she had given this sum before the court as a "guide for all licker traps". He thus confirmed a report in the "sudwest presse" (thursday). "If both parties agree, the difficult process would be averted," the ulm judge said.

The sum was "of course not much", but the plaintiffs now had to decide whether to accept it. A uniform line makes perfect sense for several procedures, said zimmermann. The insolvency administration said that there was no guideline for this.

Nationwide, more than 1,500 former schlecker employees have filed lawsuits against their former employers, according to the courts so far. At the end of march, 10,000 employees were laid off in the wake of the drugstore chain’s insolvency.

Verdi spokesman christoph schmitz told the dpa news agency that "we are very surprised at the amount and timing of the severance payments offered". He was surprised at all that an offer had been made to individual employees who were suing at the present time. "We expect the insolvency administrator to provide reasonable and reliable information for all knowledgeable employees," said schmitz.

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