Prepared for the worst

After all, i was with the youth red cross for almost ten years, was a junior helper and even went to competitions. And yet: the twelve hours and 30 euros were worth it.

I knew how to do CPR, CPR and tourniquets off the top of my head – just like we learned back then. Unconscious people are put on their side in a very special way and the ventilation through the mouth is – contrary to the popular scenes from baywatch – less effective than through the nose. It’s no wonder that many a newly qualified first-aider was confused by the many rules and regulations. Today, everything is a bit simplified, and the course instructors make it a point to take away the participants’ fear of the serious incident. In principle, you can’t do anything wrong, and if you do, it’s still better than doing nothing at all. First aid is like many things in life: it is a piece of habit. He who knows the procedures will also act correctly in case of emergency. In the first-aid course you can practice them, refresh your knowledge. At least two-thirds of us needed it as much as I did. Being rude doesn’t help – after all, it’s about human lives.

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