37 Injured in turbulence on air canada flight

37 injured in turbulence on air canada flight

37 people injured in turbulence on air canada flight to australia.

The plane finally had to land on thursday in hawaii on schedule, the airline announced. According to the report, those affected received medical treatment and have since been released from the hospital.

According to the statement, the AC33 flight was en route from vancouver in southeastern canada to sydney on thursday with 269 passengers and 15 crew members when "unforeseen and sudden turbulence" occurred. According to global news canada, eyewitnesses reported that some passengers were not wearing seat belts and had hit their heads on the ceiling.

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With “siggi” everyone feels good in autenhausen


In this bath the motto is "rest instead of slide". Compared to modern spas, the autenhausen recreational facility looks like a relic from a bygone era. The swimming pool, picturesquely situated on the edge of the seblach district in the creek bed of the kreck, is nevertheless not to be reduced in size. The 40th anniversary of the facility will be celebrated this weekend.

People liked to swim in autenhausen even after the second world war: residents of the then still independent community used a weir on the kreck to cool off in the water. Since it was located in the immediate vicinity of the zonal border, however, land mines from the GDR border fortifications that had been sprayed into the water often clouded the pool.

In search of a safer place to swim, the municipality loved to dredge a pond in the erlenbachsgrund, but it was quickly overrun by algae. This is how the plans for a swimming pool behind the sports ground came into being. The construction was a great effort for the small community. On 25. June 1972 the new facility was put into operation. Since then, a lot has happened: the technical and sanitary facilities have been modernized, the changing rooms have been renewed, the roof has been renovated and a paddling pool has been built for the smallest bathers. When the sun and warmth are missing, the water is heated to a constant 25 degrees thanks to the heating system.
In view of the current weather conditions, only a few visitors dare to enter the open-air swimming pool. Nevertheless, lifeguard siegfried schmidt (better known as "der siggi") has his hands full: supervising the pool, maintaining the entire facility, mowing the lawn, cleaning the pools, checking the water quality, cleaning, tidying up and looking after the guests – especially those who belong to the groups booked into the neighboring campgrounds.

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Investment in the training village bonnland

investment in the training village bonnland

At the infantry day last summer, brigadier general andreas hannemann and the parliamentary secretary of state in the ministry of defense, peter tauber (CDU), also discussed the bonnland training village. The infantry training center wanted to adapt the facility to current training requirements. And apparently a lot of movement has come into the matter.

Hannemann, commander of the hammelburg infantry training center, mentioned the topic in his speech at the reception following the traditional christmas concert of the german armed forces. "After fixing several investments in training facilities and accommodation within the saaleck barracks in the past months, we are now turning our attention to the expansion of the local combat facility bonnland", said hannemann.

The aim is to adapt the infrastructure to the requirements of modern warfare and to create the best possible conditions for the optimal preparation of units for deployment. According to hannemann, investments in the high double-digit millions are currently being discussed. The idea behind the expansion of the bonnland training facility is to be able to depict the modern infrastructure found in operational areas in the training scenarios. For that the scenery must be extended by buildings.

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60 Jobs in hummendorf

60 jobs in hummendorf

As mayor jorg neubauer (SPD) explained at the council meeting, there had been an interested buyer for the site in the "schiefermuhle" industrial area some time ago given in hummendorf. However, the latter had not presented a concept. In the meantime, the pflege-quartier beteiligungs-gmbh had stepped in and had convinced the town hall with a conclusive concept. Since the presentation at the august meeting of the community council there had been a lot of discussion.

The mayor informed that in the meantime intensive discussions had been held with local operators. They are now working in parallel. Should none of these get on board, the builder would resort to a private operator. This would also be located in the nearby area. 60 to 70 new jobs are to be created in hummendorf.

Joint near-warmth concept

According to the mayor, the two interest groups of hummendorf and au were also brought together for a joint local heating concept. A feasibility study is currently underway. Neubauer made it clear that the municipality is not a price driver for the land price, but rather the concept is in the foreground. The first bidder had first driven the price down and now up again, which had a very negative effect on us.

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Report: cebit stops the fall – but what happens next??

Report: cebit stops the fall - but what happens next??

The decline of recent years seems to have been halted for the time being. This year, the number of exhibitors has risen slightly for the second time in a row. More than 4200 in 70 countries this year. In terms of visitors, the fair hopes to exceed last year’s 339,000 mark. Major exhibitors such as microsoft and IBM remain loyal to the IT show. Even google is here. And the fair is happy about some prominent returnees like samsung or sharp.

In addition, the organizers once again emphasize that the sheer number of exhibitors says little about the number of visitors. "The main thing is for customers to do business here," says trade fair director ernst raue. So we can finally breathe a sigh of relief in hannover? Even at one of the rough cebit exhibitors, it’s acknowledged that the high-tech performance show has not yet regained its old radiance.

The fact that exhibitors are leaving so quickly that the trade show could disappear from one year to the next is no longer something to be feared. But the role of the leading IT trade show and center of the digital world, much touted by the german industry association bitkom, is not yet over? The mobile world congress, which traditionally gathers industry captains in barcelona just a few days before the cebit, has taken over this role.

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As of february, asylum seekers receive money instead of food

As of february, asylum seekers receive money instead of food

The government of lower franconia confirmed yesterday that in the future asylum seekers in the district will receive cash benefits instead of benefits in kind. In other words, instead of food parcels, people will now receive about twice as much money. Up to now, 137 euros a month have been paid out as the socio-cultural subsistence minimum for a head of household; from february, this figure will be 275 euros.

Problems with implementation
Minister-president horst seehofer had announced this step on 12. November in his government statement, responding to calls from asylum seekers and human rights organizations. Government president paul beinhofer has now decided "to switch to cash benefits as soon as possible", the word came down from wurzburg yesterday. Immediately after the expiry of the supply contracts, this will begin in february. According to the district office, this practice already exists in the new community housing in the oerlenbach suburb of ebenhausen.

Even though this fulfills a long-standing demand, there are also critics, reported johannes hardenacke, press spokesman for the government of lower franconia: "if there are no local purchasing possibilities, we will look for solutions with all those involved." The asylum social work agencies have already been informed and are to prepare the benefit recipients for the fact that they will have to buy their own food in the future. In addition, shelter, clothing and household goods continue to be provided in kind.

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A lot of work awaits in the archives

A lot of work awaits in the archives

The archive is the memory of a community. Well sorted and equipped with an accurate index, it is a wonderful treasure with a wealth of information about the community and life in it. The municipal alliance 7/22 sudost women around the importance of archives and has hired for this purpose julia halbleib. She first took on the seinsheim archives.

Community archive care

Iphofen, mainbernheim, markt einersheim, seinsheim, willanzheim, martinsheim and rodelsee have joined together to form an alliance. This is the first time that the city of iphofen has cooperated in the preservation of its archives under the leadership of willanzheim. Julia halbleib from gerlachshausen has been working as the new full-time archivist since mid march, for the time being for five years. The 28-year-old studied history (bachelor’s degree) and art history (master’s degree) in wurzburg and wrote her master’s thesis on field post letters from the first world war.

First stop: seinsheim

There is a lot of work waiting for them in the municipal archives. First stop so far was seinsheim. "My work in the archives depends on the seasons," she says, laughing. The explanation, however, is simple: the seinsheim archive, for example, is housed under the roof. And it gets very warm there in the summer, because the room is naturally not air-conditioned. So the transitional period of spring/summer offered itself here.

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Kuhne criticizes arp switch: “grossly misguided decision”

Kuhne criticizes arp switch: 'grossly misguided decision'

"I think it’s a blatant misjudgement to give a talent to the "bavarian enemy" again who can do nothing better than buy the best players and talents from other bundesliga clubs at the highest prices," the businessman told the "sport bild" newspaper. This would lead to a complete distortion of competition in german professional soccer.

It was only two weeks ago that it was announced that arp would be moving from second division leader to FC bayern. The deal had already been struck last summer. The timing of the change is still open.

The 19-year-old attacker had extended his HSV contract until 2020 the previous year after the relegation of the traditional club. However, he may decide for himself whether he goes to munich in the summer of 2019 or a year later. The decision will be made after the season is over.

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Jelena stork beams on “dancing diva” over dressage title

Jelena stork beams on

"I ride three to four hours, five days a week", tells jelena stork in her calm, courtly way. The 17-year-old seems to see the world from a different perspective. Sitting high on 'dancing diva' spurs her priorities.

The mare dances – trots – gallops according to her command – without this being noticed by any observer. The two are completely in tune with each other. And this is how it should be in training as well.
At duty and even more harmoniously at the cure, when the music sets the pace. Dancing diva proves that a name alone can be a program. The eight-year-old mare had all the qualities needed to become a good dressage horse. A year and a half ago, she was killed by dr. Michael stork acquired for his daughter.

Remarkable successes
Jelena has been riding with great passion since she was ten years old and competes for the casteller land riding and driving club. The meeting with dancing diva led her to the riding facility of maria and willi putz in tiefenstockheim. Maria putz has a gold riding badge and has been training dressage horses for three decades. She accompanied jelena and dancing diva in shortest time to their remarkable results. Frankish vice-championship at the age of 16. Bavarian championship in her age-related class 2 star M at 17 years of age.

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This is how inclusion is lived

This is how inclusion is lived

Already for the second time praparanden of the evangelic church community maroldsweisach and people with handicap, who are employed in the workshops for adapted work (wefa) of the diakonie coburg in seblach, met in the community center "arche" in maroldsweisach.

Priest martin popp-posekardt welcomed his praparands and the guests from seblach with diplomheilpadagogin nadine lindner from the accompanying service. "We want to think and work together about what it means to be disabled, to get an insight into the problems of disabled people and to gain an understanding of their problems", said the priest. He went on to say: "disabled people live in our society, they belong to it as a matter of course."

Five people with different disabilities came from wefa to maroldsweisach to present themselves to the praparands. Already during the introductory round it could be read in the faces of the participants that they were surprised about some of the things they heard.

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