Munnersadt: gti meeting becomes more and more popular

Munnersadt: gti meeting becomes more and more popular

Whether the thousandfold quoted saying "he who comes too late, life punishes him" is true or not really comes from former soviet state president mikhail gorbachev is disputed. But yesterday it applied already early on the anger and on the market place. GTI-drivers, who came to the GTI-meeting in the city only at this time, had no chance to find a place to exhibit their mostly high-powered vehicles and had to be content with side-streets and -alleys.

About 800 to 1000 GTI fans from all over germany, but also austria, luxembourg and the netherlands came to the city for the season opener, estimates matthias scholz, who together with sascha vorndran organizes these increasingly popular gatherings. "Apparently, almost no one stayed at home because of the not very good weather", mayor helmut blank (CSU), a self-confessed GTI fan and supporter of the meetings, was delighted.

This time the meeting had already started on saturday with a "angrillen" (barbecue) with burgers, beer and live music. Already to this event quite a few participants had come. They took advantage of the best seats on the anger on saturday already. Others came on sunday from 6 a.M., when there was still plenty of room. Burgermeister helmut blank was very pleased that the kick-off on saturday evening was already well received. He therefore liked the fact that the meeting starts with a supporting program already on friday and then stretches until monday in order to attract even more guests than before and to keep them longer.

"We are there almost every year. We like the atmosphere here so much", said in chorus a small group of GTI friends from miltenberg, who had set up camp with dog luna not far from the upper gate on camping chairs and smoked the water pipe there. Their conclusion: "we like it here mega-gut". 18-year-old jan from erlangen-hochstadt got his driver’s license only a month ago and therefore attended the GTI meeting in munnerstadt for the first time. "My first impression is very good", he said. Right next to him, a mixed group had come together. The young ladies and gentlemen have all been there since the first GTI meetings in munnerstadt. They particularly like the fact that it takes place in the old town and not on a giant square outside it. "It’s very familiar here, you meet friends from previous meetings, it’s just a super-awesome location", said one of them. "Very good, beautiful" moritz from hamburg thinks both the small town of munnerstadt and the GTI meeting here are a good idea. He is taking part for the first time with his 350 hp GTI 7, which is covered with colored foils. He took care of the gastronomic turnover, because he arrived on saturday and did not want to return to his hometown until monday. He has taken off his magnetically fixed HH license plate. Why? "Because it just looks nicer that way" he replied. Other drivers interviewed want to prevent everyone from seeing which meetings they show up at via photos on social media.

Not only chrome-flashed and super-high horsepower cars were exhibited and admired. Especially for the older people who were among the spectators, the old VW cars with H-plates (which are only available for vehicles that are at least 30 years old) brought back fond memories. Younger people in particular, including many fathers with their sons, strolled through the city center on sunday to get a close-up look at the interesting gtis and to take a look under the hoods of the many open cars. A particularly interesting GTI, which had to be transported on a trailer because it is not allowed to be driven on the road, was parked on the ramp. Racing with this 350 hp GTI TCR. At a meeting of an international circle of GTI friends, matthias scholz had a conversation with peter bunke from VW driving experience bet 500 euros on this one coming to munnerstadt in a racing car. Scholz, however, had to give up his half (!) give bart on. Surrounded by a large crowd, several young ladies freed him from the left half of his beard. And the 500 euros? He donated them in return for the renovation of the parish church. Tuv was also represented with a stand, as were several tuning and car accessory companies, which were doing good business.

Watching cars makes you hungry and thirsty. Food was provided by several clubs, the Q11 class of the gymnasium and the fire department. The latter also patrolled the streets. Thorsten fiedler and a colleague kept a watchful eye to make sure that at least three meters were kept clear everywhere so that emergency vehicles could get through in case of an emergency. "A few times we had to intervene and ask to make room" said fiedler.

GTI is the abbreviation for gran turismo injection and is used as a type abbreviation for cars with a particularly sporty character and engine without carburetor. The term was first used in 1962 on the maserati 3500 GTI. At that time an injection system was something special. This special feature was included in the model designation. The designation GTI was spread by the VW golf GTI of 1976. The use of the abbreviation GTI is protected in some countries by certain manufacturers, so in germany and the USA GTI is a registered trademark of volkswagen AG. (source: wikipedia)

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