Municipality wants to secure the ruined castle and strive for its use

municipality wants to secure the ruined castle and strive for its use

Provisional renovation work is underway at ebelsbach castle. The central question is: what is to become of the ruined building??

More than ten years ago the renaissance castle from the 16th century was. The stadium, formerly owned by the von rotenhan family and then bought by a koln businessman and investor, fell victim to a fire in the 19th century. A damage of millions had been caused.

It was only at the end of last year that the municipality of ebelsbach was able to take possession of the property. It is now faced with the rough challenge of securing the landmark of the village, which currently resembles a ruin, and bringing it into use.

In recent times, discussions have taken place with the preservation of historical monuments and an architect in order to consider further steps for the use of the building. There was agreement that the collapsed roofs of the adjoining buildings facing the fairgrounds should be removed as a first step. For this purpose, a temporary access road is currently being created at the former bull stadium.

Protection from the wet is a priority

The architect has been commissioned to explore ways of restoring the castle. The main issue is to make the roof watertight in order to protect the building from further wetness. The municipality has carried out other work in advance, such as cleaning up the castle moat.

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