Many had participated in the starry night

Many had participated in the starry night

For the carnival club "self-help ebenhausen has fulfilled a dream: the starry night could take place in the castle. The municipality, as the owner, had allowed this use. The members lent a hand to make the celebration a good one.

"The starry night is very important for us", says chairman jutta markert. "We need the proceeds to finance our youth work. Above all, the money is used to buy instruments and uniforms for the marching band." Until now the starry night took place in hennebergstrabe. "Here we were able to use the multifunctional hall. But still had to put up tents and thus spend even more time in preparation", the chairwoman adds. "Here in the castle we have it easier, especially since we don’t have to clear everything away at the end of the first day and set it up again the next day."

Since the beginning of october, children, teenagers and adults have been helping to make advent and christmas offerings. "Every friday evening we met for three hours or more to work in my father’s workshop and adjoining rooms", added jutta markert. Especially wooden goods such as stars, dwarfs, trees, deer and houses were cut, sanded, painted and decorated by the helpers. Always at the side was the chairman’s father, 80-year-old georg wahler, who is an active member of the association in body and soul.
He added: "of course I support the FCSH. I had so much fun working with the young people. I will participate as long as I can, because the children and young people are so fond of the carnival. I can only take my hat off." He had made nativity scenes and figurines. Spelt pillows, keychains, cell phone cases and an assortment of leather gloves were added to the mix.

For a week, members prepared the castle courtyard: they swept the courtyard and barn, put up christmas trees, decorated tables and walls, hung chains and nets of lights, and illuminated the silhouette of the castle. In the south wing of the coarse barn they set up the sales exhibition, in a cloud cellar they prepared a lounge and serving area for drinks and food. "The castle attracted many guests. We are glad that the people of ebenhausen also participated in such large numbers", says chairman andreas back. Jutta markert adds: "we are very, very satisfied. We will be happy to organize the starry night in the castle again next year." Children and young people were happy to receive instruments and uniforms from the proceeds of the starry night.

The next date has already been fixed: saturday, 15. December, the christmas party of the carnival club will take place from 5 p.M. In the ubungshalle.

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