Lanzendorf theater: advance booking has begun

Lanzendorf theater: advance booking has begun

Rough events cast their shadows ahead: on 14. In april, the theater group of the lanzendorf horticultural society celebrates the premiere of its new comedy "the confounded class reunion" in the clubhouse of the small animal breeders in himmelkron.
Rehearsals began shortly after the turn of the year, and now the "hard phase" begins for director linda fischer and the actors. It is gratifying to note that jana horeth, a "greenhorn," was again successfully cast in this year's production for the amateur theater.

"It's really fun"

Wolfgang muller, who usually plays the leading role, approached the 17-year-old, who is currently training to become an industrial clerk. "I was just at his farm when he asked me if I would like to play with theater. I've been thinking about it for a long time, because it's not easy to combine school, work and theater, especially since I'm also getting my driver's license. At some point i decided to join in."

A return visitor

Jana horeth plays the daughter of an american emigrant. She has never had anything to do with theater before: "I haven't had any experience with it yet, but it's really fun, and at the premiere there will certainly be a certain nervousness as well."
Bert hoppert, who was last on stage in 1999 in the hall of the "zum roten ochsen" inn, is back on board in lanzendorf. Hoppert will slip into the role of the emigrant.

Small role for hans engelhardt

The play was chosen more or less single-handedly by linda fischer: "it was important that there was a smaller role for our hans engelhardt. He is important to us." The amateur players of lanzendorf are glad that they have had a permanent stage in the small animal breeder's home for 18 years now.
Tanja dupke is one of the actors who is clearly enjoying playing: "I simply enjoy it, the community fits in well."
It was a similar story for wolfgang muller: "if it was not going to make any sense, then i was not going to do it. When you realize that the audience is going along with you, then you automatically increase your performance and take it to the next level."

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