Kuhne criticizes arp switch: “grossly misguided decision”

Kuhne criticizes arp switch: 'grossly misguided decision'

"I think it’s a blatant misjudgement to give a talent to the "bavarian enemy" again who can do nothing better than buy the best players and talents from other bundesliga clubs at the highest prices," the businessman told the "sport bild" newspaper. This would lead to a complete distortion of competition in german professional soccer.

It was only two weeks ago that it was announced that arp would be moving from second division leader to FC bayern. The deal had already been struck last summer. The timing of the change is still open.

The 19-year-old attacker had extended his HSV contract until 2020 the previous year after the relegation of the traditional club. However, he may decide for himself whether he goes to munich in the summer of 2019 or a year later. The decision will be made after the season is over.

HSV will receive a transfer lottery ticket worth three million euros, which may increase to five million euros through later bonuses. Whether arp remains a "perennial talent" "or becomes a really good player remains to be seen," kuhne said. "HSV has once again come up short!"The u19 international has not been able to get beyond the role of a substitute this season and has so far failed to score a goal.

The 81-year-old kuhne has 20.57 percent of the shares in the fubball AG of the financially troubled HSV and is thus the largest single shareholder.

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