Kleinhenz: “wildspots have a good future”

Kleinhenz: 'wildspots have a good future'

Gerd kleinhenz once learned to be a stonemason. But he rarely works with his hands anymore. If, then in the garden. Some time ago he bought a piece of land with fruit trees behind his house in oberbach. "What I realized: how valuable a free weekend is. I wasn’t aware of that six years ago", says the mayor of wildflecken. Nevertheless, he was happy to stay in office. Since there is no opposing candidate, this will in all likelihood also work out.

Successes and setbacks – kleinhenz has had both since he became head of the town hall in wildflecken. "What hurt me most was the departure of the doctor", he looks back. Despite intensive efforts, it has not yet been possible to find a successor for the family practice in oberbach. Kleinhenz also mentions the enormous delay in the pump track for the youth at the sinn – pollutants had appeared in the soil on the land. "I thought that some things could be implemented more quickly", he confesses.

But there are also other moments. "The opening of the school was a very big deal for me. The opening of the rhonexpress rail-bike path was also a major event for me", says the mayor. Progress is also being made at the kreuzberg business park: of a total of 160 hectares, 96 hectares are occupied. Currently, the community is negotiating with three interested parties who want to invest in a total of 34 hectares. There are about 30 hectares that are still completely vacant. "The commercial area could be sold out in two to three years – if everything goes well", says kleinhenz.

The need to save will remain in the future

"The office wears out, no doubt", the mayor admits. He immediately added, however, that he was still very happy about it, otherwise he would not have run again. Kleinhenz is also trying to get on the district council in this election. With the PWG he runs on list position 4. Six years ago, he was third on the list, but he still failed to make it onto the political council of the district of bad kissingen. "As mayor of wildflecken, i already belong in the district council", kleinhenz explains why he is taking another chance.

The challenges that await him – whether as mayor or as a county councilor – are enormous: the market town of wildflecken is quite heavily in debt at 4.4 million euros, even though around one million of that is advance demand funds. The financial scope remains tight: the construction of a clearing plant in oberbach and the renovation of two drinking water wells are on the agenda. The future of the ratskeller is still open, too. There is currently one possible investor, says kleinhenz. An interview is scheduled for the coming week.

From the outside, one might wonder where kleinhenz gets the enthusiasm to work so hard for the rhon community. Because the golden age of the americans, when wild spots resembled a bustling small town, is irretrievably gone. "I have never talked – or thought – of a decline", the mayor clarifies. "Wildflecken has a good future. I am sure of it."

Three questions for gerd kleinhenz

How does your candidacy currently feel compared to the previous municipal election?? At that time there was an opposing candidate.

As a democrat I had already found it to go with one or more competitors in the mayoral election. But now the situation is such that I am doing it without any opposing candidate. But that doesn’t mean that I take the election lightly and approach the matter half-heartedly. The office of mayor is for me still an obligation to work for the community, and to do so with humility and full commitment.

What is your greatest triumph in the past six years??

I consider it a great success that I have succeeded in uniting the market town council into a democratic unit. There have been no personal disputes or even hostilities in the last six years, even though we have had some controversial and extensive debates in the council from time to time. In the end, however, a majority decision was always taken and duly implemented. Another great success for me was the general renovation of our school with the new construction of the gymnasium after years of planning and the fight for the appropriate funds.

Which development in the municipality worries you the most??

I do not have any major concerns about the development of our community. Even if the conditions here are not always easy, I am constantly striving to achieve the best for wildflecken and its suburbs. A major challenge will be to keep an eye on our budget and to ensure that the financial situation returns to normal. In the end, however, I firmly believe in the future viability of wildflecken.

About the person

Vita gerd kleinhenz was born on 30. October 1960 born. The man from oberbach learned to be a stonemason and was a regular soldier for eight years. During his time in the army, he learned business administration and banking. From 1986 to 2014, he worked at VR- bank. Kleinhenz is married to his wife irmgard. The two have two children and two grandchildren.

Amt kleinhenz has been a member of the wildflecken town council since 1996. From 2008 to 2014 he was 2. Mayor. He has been mayor of wildflecken since may 2014.

Interests private kleinhenz likes to work in the garden. He plays in the oberbach brass band and is an active member of the oberbach fire department.

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