Jelena stork beams on “dancing diva” over dressage title

Jelena stork beams on

"I ride three to four hours, five days a week", tells jelena stork in her calm, courtly way. The 17-year-old seems to see the world from a different perspective. Sitting high on 'dancing diva' spurs her priorities.

The mare dances – trots – gallops according to her command – without this being noticed by any observer. The two are completely in tune with each other. And this is how it should be in training as well.
At duty and even more harmoniously at the cure, when the music sets the pace. Dancing diva proves that a name alone can be a program. The eight-year-old mare had all the qualities needed to become a good dressage horse. A year and a half ago, she was killed by dr. Michael stork acquired for his daughter.

Remarkable successes
Jelena has been riding with great passion since she was ten years old and competes for the casteller land riding and driving club. The meeting with dancing diva led her to the riding facility of maria and willi putz in tiefenstockheim. Maria putz has a gold riding badge and has been training dressage horses for three decades. She accompanied jelena and dancing diva in shortest time to their remarkable results. Frankish vice-championship at the age of 16. Bavarian championship in her age-related class 2 star M at 17 years of age.

"In two years, she can go up a level", promises her trainer. She does not want to "manage" horse and rider. There is a lot of hard work and even more ambition behind it.

Agreement: school and riding
Her father is proud of her results and likes to devote his free time to his daughter's training plans. Before things could get serious, the veterinarian made an agreement with his daughter: "if you want to ride intensively, you also have to be good at school." He was amazed when the ambitious jelena even improved her grades at school.

Graduation next year
Jelena attends the egbert-gymnasium in munsterschwarzach and will graduate next year. "I'd rather earn good money", affirmed jelena "and riding on the side".
She actually wanted to study medicine. "But then I won't have enough time to ride", the young amazon regrets and lovingly strokes the neck of her horse.
She will think twice.

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