Ihk criticism of new school

Ihk criticism of new school

"As much as we buried the decision to build a new technical school in coburg with the above-mentioned focal points, we regret all the more that regional stakeholders were not involved earlier in the decision-making process.", IHK president friedrich herdan notes in a press release. "We had hoped for an earlier consultation on the selection of training courses in particular."

The coburg area is traditionally a strong economic region with a high level of industrial activity. With 184 industrial employees per 1,000 inhabitants, the city of coburg ranks 8th in bavaria. The main focus in the manufacturing sector is on the automotive supply industry, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering, said herdan. Coburg is also a strong financial and insurance location. Economic development potential lies not only in traditional industries but also in design, sensor technology and electromobility.

And herdan continues: "the supply of the regional economy with well-trained specialists will determine the prosperity of our economic region more than ever, not least against the backdrop of demographic change. Medium-sized companies need qualified specialists, not only in research and development, but especially in production. Qualified technicians are urgently needed here. According to the forecasts of the chamber of industry and commerce’s skilled workers monitor, there will be a shortage of around 2,600 skilled workers with technical training in the city and district of coburg in 2021. The bulk of the demand for skilled workers will develop in the local industrial companies, in the fields of automotive technology and mechanical engineering. In order to maintain and further challenge our economic strengths and to further develop the above-mentioned future industries, we need suitable strategies and measures to secure skilled workers. "

There is no doubt that the planned training courses in "environmental protection technology" will be of particular interest and "regenerative energies about important future industries, however, according to herdan, both focal points for the qualification of specialists in the local business landscape are "little in demand".

"From our point of view, the successful establishment of a technical school at the coburg location requires that the training focus be chosen in accordance with the innovation potential of local industrial companies", emphasizes herdan.

The company brose fahrzeugteile, for example, which with its subsidiary brose SEW is driving forward the development, production and marketing of drive and charging systems for electric and hybrid vehicles, predestines coburg to become the leading development location in the field of electromobility, according to the IHK president. Furthermore, there is high development potential in sensor technology.

Strengthening the coburg economic region in the "battle for the best minds and last but not least, in order to maintain the competitiveness of local companies, the chamber of commerce and industry has written to the bavarian ministry of culture – demanding that the planned technical school at the coburg site be equipped with training focal points tailored to the economic structure. The regional economy would be pleased if the planned technical school were to focus on vehicle technology, electromobility or mechanical engineering. "In our view, this is the only way that this educational institution can establish itself as an indispensable qualification path for securing skilled workers in coburg as a business location", underlines herdan the IHK demand.

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