Horror over murders in hanau

Horror over murders in hanau

In the night from thursday, a total of eleven people, including the perpetrator, lost their lives in a right-wing attack.

Sign against nazis

On the occasion of this heinous and inhumane act, bamberger democrats organized a vigil in solidarity with the victims and their relatives. Although the action could only be announced two hours in advance, 150 people from bamberg came together to set a sign against nazis and for humanitarianism.

The mood during the vigil was recognizably charged. An exuberant atmosphere, as usual at demos, was missing as well as choruses. This made clear that the 20. February was a day of mourning.

Minutes of silence

After five minutes of silence, during which the participants commemorated the victims and their relatives, there were also speeches. The shock and sadness was also noticeable in the speakers. In order to prevent right-wing terror from spreading further in germany, we as a democratic society finally had to stand together, regardless of which democratic party we belonged to, a spontaneous speaker made clear.

He went on to call on those present to finally become politically active. Because if the first article of our constitution "the right of the human being is inviolable" is not true, it is not true if you are attacked, it concerns all the people in our democracy.

Hubertus schaller from the alliance against right-wing extremism sang "shalom alechem" together with all participants to. Translated: we want peace for all! .

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