Holy family at the entrance to the village

Holy family at the entrance to the village

It still exists, the cohesion in the villages. And he lets many a small wish come true. "I’ve been looking for a nativity scene to put up outside for years", says andi pfarrdrescher. He lives in schwabthal, is local spokesman and town councillor at the same time as well as gastronomer.

Erika dinkel’s plot at the entrance to the village, where a decorated christmas tree from the community has stood for years at christmas, offered itself as a beach location. Only the search for a suitable crib was not easy. It should be weatherproof, well preserved and above all affordable. "I even considered looking around in austria", andi smiles when, after another search on the internet, he finally found something suitable. He was not a little astonished when he read the offerer: a private person from kleukheim. Contact was quickly made, andi pfarrdrescher set out on his way. The crib is still available, said the father of the family, who did not want to be named. Some minor repairs are necessary, but otherwise the more than 20-year-old ensemble is in good condition. It was agreed that the crib stable with its figures would travel to the lautergrund in the trailer.

With its dimensions of 1.80 x 1.40 x 1 meter, the crib has a considerable size. Andi pfarrdrescher set off in search of sponsors. "Everyone I’ve asked has said ‘yes’ straight away", sums up the local spokesman. Katja and christian dinkel, marina and matthias dinkel, resi and josef ruppenstein, erika dinkel as well as andi and jutta pfarrdrescher are now, so to speak, a community of owners. Carpenter andreas ruppenstein offered to do the repairs on the roof of the nursery barn. This was three weeks ago.

Now the crib stands on the ground at the first crossroads/entrance to the village. The figures of mary, joseph and the shepherd, together with the two sheep, are firmly fixed to the floor of the crib. Straw and green twigs adorn the ensemble, which is illuminated every day just when the lighting of the coarse city christmas tree a few meters behind it goes on.

The crib with the half-timbered stable and the roofing shingles, the copper ridge frames and last but not least the rough, carefully crafted figures inside can still be admired until three kings day.

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