Herzogenaurach photographers celebrate successes

Herzogenaurach photographers celebrate successes

During the weekend, visitors from near and far were able to see for themselves what is possible with photography. In the art room of the city of herzogenaurach, the pictures of the participants in the district photo show of the german association for photography, DVF for short, were exhibited. Among the prize winners are three photographers from the herzogenaurach photo club, which organized the district show.

Jan hendrik bier wins with the "tooth of time
For his picture "chain, there was a medal for eberhard scholten, what corresponds to a first place. Certificates, i.E. Second places, were awarded to jurgen buttner and his painting "old staircase as well as for jan hendrik bier in the youth up to 16 years with the picture "tooth of the time. Beer summed it up. "Capturing the moment in the picture, that's what fascinates me most about photography."

Bier came to photography through his father. "I was usually there when my father was out and about with his camera, and in 2009 I got my first photo." Since 2010, bier is involved in the fotoclub herzogenaurach and has already had some successes with his photos at exhibitions.

The whole club achieves remarkable results
Not only the individual members of the fotoclub herzogenaurach were successful. In the club ranking, the herzogenaurach photoclub took second place behind the nurnberg photoclub out of eight participating clubs.

In the age of digital photography, sales figures continue to rise. However, most owners of a camera are only so-called "snapshooters". Only a few of them are intensively involved in their work and are also involved in associations. Special clubs for lovers of photography there are many in central franconia. Eight of them, as well as their members, participated in the district photo show.

The jury had a total of 370 photos to evaluate. DVF district manager friedrich stucke was especially proud of the youth. There were four participants in the age group up to 16 years and three in the age group up to 21 years, who together had submitted 35 photos.

Progress in technology expands the possibilities
With the progress of the technology also the demand on the result became more and more coarse. While the possibilities for post-processing were very limited in analog photography, this has changed considerably in the age of digital photography. Many small errors can be corrected with image processing on the computer.

This correction was only one of many possibilities. This was also stated by the patron, mayor german hacker (SPD). Hacker praised the commitment of the photoclub herzogenaurach in general, not only because of the organization of the district show.

The chairwoman of the photo club, helga speth, went a bit further. In the early years of the photoclub the pictures were still analog, i.E. Usually slides, but this kind of pictures has almost completely died out. "In the age of digital photography, image processing offers a wealth of possibilities for altering images. Photography is no longer an image of reality. We can change reality and even create a completely new context", so the considerations of the chairmen.

Just drop by
If you are interested in taking pictures in the club, you can visit us on thursdays at 8 pm in the clubroom of the photoclub, entrance burgstaller weg, without obligation and get an idea of the work in the club and its members.

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