Herb with magic power

Herb with magic power

Kronach- in small heaps sits the same of the fern on the underside of the leaves. The botanist calls it a spore because it is formed without bleeding. This strange process, for which our ancestors had little understanding, surrounded the fern with an underground darkness and they attributed miraculous powers to the seeds. If you put a grain in each shoe, it made you invisible, as only camouflage caps could do in the old days. One could then even understand the language of the animals and received such powers that one was able to do work that was impossible for ordinary mortals.

The story is told by a journeyman weaver from thiemitz, who heard about these powers and tried them. He was not one of the hardworking and solid ones. Only one day a week he pursued his craft. On the other days, however, he used to do nothing more than sleep, play and have a "hearty drink" in the pub. And yet his weekly wage was far higher than that of his hard-working companions.

On one working day he wove more cloth than the others in the whole week. And besides, the quality was much better and gentler than that of his colleagues. As it turned out later, this came from the fern seed he was given by the incarnate person on a night of the full moon. For this he had to promise him never to go to church again.

But when he walked past the church in bernstein on a normal weekday, he was surprised to see so many people in the church. Curious, he put down his cloth, which he had already woven today and which must have been a hundred ells long, in front of the portal to take a look inside the church. But when he came out again, all the cloth had been turned back into yarn. Too late he realized that even a promise made to the devil must be kept. His supernatural powers were now gone and he had no choice but to work as hard as all the others to earn his bread.A wealthy farmer, whose estate stood high above the loquitz, experienced the power of the seed without wanting it. He had lost his fill and set off to look for it in the nearby woods. There he met his neighbor. "Good evening!", he dug it. But he cried out in horror, for he had heard the digging, but saw no one.

As the boots flew …

As he walked on, his base met him. "Hey, marie, where are you going so late??", he asked. "All good spirits praise god the lord!", she shrieked and ran away as fast as she could. Since it was already getting dark, the farmer broke off the search and went home in a huff. As he walked across the farmyard, he noticed that the servants and maids did not pay any attention to him and hurried past him without a trace. He entered the parlor where his family was gathered and grumbled about the failure like a rat. Then all were frightened, because they heard his voice without seeing him. One of his daughters asked: "who is there?? Father it is you? Why do you hide?" Now the farmer was angry. Grimly, he took off his boots and hurled them into the corner. Only then his people could see him. Now he realized how all this could have happened: while he was walking through the forest, fern seeds had fallen into his shoes and made him invisible.

A maid who was tending a flock of geese in the lovely valley of the fischbach with fern seeds in her shoes had also experienced its effect. She not only heard the chattering of the feathered fowl, but also understood the meaning word for word and was not a little surprised by all the strange stories she heard there. At home she told about it. The priest, too, was curious about this strange incident, and loved to call the maiden to him. But because it was not proper to appear in the parsonage in the dirty field shoes, the maid put on her sunday shoes. But when she went to see the priest, she suddenly stood there like a wet poodle. Not a word did the girl know of what the whole world had been chattering about. As a loudmouth and pompous, she had to endure basic ridicule and scorn. The beelzebub had once procured fern seeds for a driver on the kirchbuhl, near the top of the wheel. He was to carry it with him all the time. Then he could drive as and where he wanted. His horses pulled carts with enormous loads, as if they were empty. He went down the steepest slopes without breaking a wheel, he went up the most dangerous high ones without muting his animals. Through swampy land he drove, as if it were solid road. Once he brought a cartload of hay to a field barn on the margraviate’s high hill during a thunderstorm. Since there was no one to help him unload, he drove the team up the stairs to the hayloft. But when he tried to go down again, he lost the shoe that had the fern seed in it. The staircase collapsed, the horse and cart crashed into the ground, and the driver broke his neck.

The devil, as we know him from old tales, took the precaution of hiding in his shadowy kingdom in these uncertain times. To try to get fern seeds from him today would be much too complicated. But to collect the seeds himself in the forest requires a lot of dexterity. The ripening in the witching hour of st. John’s night takes place "out of the blue" and the seed is only effective if it is caught before it touches the ground. Those who nevertheless believe in their power and want to possess a few grains may try to catch them at the right time at the right moment.

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