Habfurt bank rehearses the serious case

Habfurt bank rehearses the serious case

The evacuation was fortunately not due to a serious incident, but "only" a rehearsal. "But in the event of an emergency, our employees must learn how to behave in the flesh", explained the chairman of the board of the savings bank, peter schleich. "Therefore, we wanted to sensitize them with this exercise."

Already during the preparation of the announced exercise, which will be followed by an unannounced exercise at some point in the future, the employees had been well prepared by the two safety officers wolfgang sidon and karl schumacher.

Fire simulated
The aim of the room alarm was to simulate a fire incident and to protect customers and employees. Each individual employee was thus made aware of the processes involved in a clearing operation, which can then be adapted or optimized if necessary.

The sparkasse attaches great importance to ensuring that its employees learn and internalize the correct behavior and escape and rescue routes. It will also review organizational regulations afterwards, such as the fire protection regulations, the alarm concept, the tasks of the floor and collection point officers, and coordination with the fire department and the police.

Last but not least, the fire alarm system was also subjected to a serious test and tested for functionality in addition to the routine tests.

The alarm sound and the request to leave the building via the defined escape and rescue routes were accompanied by an alarm message to the police and fire department. However, 1. Police chief inspector peter firsching, a police patrol, the commander of the volunteer fire department, martin volpert, and another five firefighters already on site to observe the exercise.

No customer was allowed to enter
Peter firsching and police chief inspector hilmar derra also made sure that no customer entered the savings bank during the short training session. Nevertheless, some customers seemed to have such urgent business to attend to that they struggled to keep from entering the bank despite the heavy police presence. Jonathan stapf, who is currently doing an internship at the habfurt police department, also had a good observation post.

During the exercise, the savings bank floor officers, who were wearing yellow warning vests, checked in their assigned precincts to see whether people like for example, customers, injured persons, tradesmen or service providers were present and asked to leave the building. At the collection point, the floor supervisors report the status of their precinct to the collection point supervisors, who are identifiable by their orange warning vests.

"I am satisfied with the course", peter schleich then stated. "A detailed assessment of the individual processes will provide us with information on any need for optimization and improvement." Peter firsching also praised the conduct of the employees. "It all worked out well and smaller details we will clear together." For martin volpert the exercise also went very well. "I think it is praiseworthy that the savings bank has thought about what to do in case of an emergency and carries out such a training", he emphasized.

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