Gunsmoke and thunderclap

Gunsmoke and thunderclap

The landmark of the market elfershausen, the trimburg, was taken once again. But not from brave knights but from the "kurbairischen dragonerregiment johann wolf, who fought many a battle in the french-hessian region during the 30-year war. The taking of the trimburg in the three decades preserved weapon course is even historically documented.

The kurbairian dragoon regiment was not allowed to be responsible for the destruction of the landmark. Rather swedish troops, whose siege of trimburg is also documented. She is the subject of a legend. According to this, the starving defenders once shot their last pig with a catapult into the camp of the attackers and thus led them around by the nose. For he who moves pigs has enough food in the house, carl gustav’s troops concluded from this and disappeared – allegedly.

The dragoon regiment is a historical group from momlingen, which takes part in representations of the war ravaging all europe. Only recently returned from groningen, the netherlands, the regiment johann wolf was involved in a demonstration of several days from said time, in which 650 actors participated, reports "hauptmann" and group founder uwe klotz. They reenacted the decisive battle from the 80-year war there, when the hollanders threw the spanish out of the country.

The rough, powerful leader sets great store by authenticity. Thus, the hikers must be made of wool and leather and also the equipment details he takes under the magnifying glass. Whether the weapons, pikes, swords, muskets and cannons all came from his own forge can only be answered with "perhaps in part" be answered. Klotz, a former member of a gun club, could not find any enthusiasm among the gun club members for the idea of a history group. That’s why in 2012 he and some friends promoted his passion and gathered 40 faithful, women and men, whom he "commands".

He knows the history of these soldiers and of troop leadership. He knows when and where to use pikemen, musketeers, cannoneers and curassiers. For a year now, reinhold wahler, the spokesman of the trimberg knighthood, has also been an artilleryman in the dragoon regiment.

Nanu? Has the trimberger become unfaithful to his inveterate, medieval and roman passion? By no means. "I have decided for everything to a third – not completely in the sense with my wife", he admits. "But i was so fascinated by the momlingers that i had to enter. In vienna at the assembly and powder vapor of the historical military museum and in holland I was there. Now i’m looking forward to steinau, where a medieval meeting with about 500 people is coming up", he adds.

On a stuccoed parking lot in front of the castle, the cannoneers took the stage. A 40 millimeter swedish field gun comes into play. Under klotz’s eyes, the gunners load the cannon with rough care. Shooting is done with black powder. Old burger master otmar pfister does not hold it. In his time in the army he was an artilleryman himself, but now he wants to deport the "geschutz" and gets the go-ahead.

A powerful bang, a lot of powder vapor and a black bar on pfister’s cheek is called a gunner’s consecration. The acting mayor, karlheinz kickuth, also receives this after the firing – but without a red cheek line. That women in the dragoon camp can do more than just cook and knuckle down is proven by a lady who also makes the gun thunder. The trimburg pledges to the waffengasten. Captain klotz is already thinking about another, coarser presentation next year.

Reinhold wahler plans a castle revival for the last weekend in september. "A medieval market would also be interesting once again", he considers. Burgermeister kickuth, by his own admission, had no objection to it. "The trimburg shall fill life", he comments.

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