German software company: “penis” program loses internet hype

German software company:

Because of a product name, a brandenburg company has become internet hype 10000 kilometers away in indonesia.

Kontool: a slang term for penis

In the southeast asian country, people are amused by the software consulting company kantiko, which has its headquarters in kleinmachnow near berlin. The reason: the company sells a software called "kontool" – in indonesian a slang expression for penis.

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Since word got out in the island nation of more than 260 million people, there have been heaps of humorous comments on kontool's facebook page. One man recommends: "your company should come to indonesia. Kontool is very popular here. I think most people would love their product."

Penis double meaning was known

Stefan jurgens of kantiko said on monday that the meaning of the name had already been puzzled over four or five years ago when the tool was developed. Since indonesia was not an interesting market for the company, it was not considered further. The company takes the hype with humor. He noticed this when the number of clicks for the "kontool" increased-facebook account skyrocketed on friday – and masses of calls came in from indonesia.

Company replies to indonesian fans on facebook

For the people in indonesia, the company posted a comment in english on facebook: "if we enter their market with our product, we will have to find a new name". But we must first conquer the german market." The company also posted a new slogan "bigger and stronger (in german: grober und starker) – and a link to a fanarticles-shop with t-shirts and more. "Many people asked for merchandise products from kontool." That is why an internet store was set up overnight.

On sunday the company posted: "the kontool guys celebrate the viral wave on a fantastic weekend. Thank you for all the comments! We love you!" Kontool, according to the company, is an artificial word made up of "konto" and "tool". The software is a controlling solution for small businesses.

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