Flying hollander takes a seat

Flying hollander takes a seat

Hollanders are not rare in geiselwind. Most of the time, however, it’s guests who only make a brief stopover in the steigerwald community on the highway. At the kirchweih-fruhschoppen, mayor ernst nickel received a hollander as a present, which should have its place in the village forever in the future.

This is a figure that michael ackermann from the engineering firm muller-maatsch from burghaslach presented to the youth center. The office was responsible for the planning of the selective village renewal in geiselwind, which is almost completed. The figure is supposed to represent a traveler, a hollander, of the kind that there are many in the town, especially in summer. On top of the pavilion, which was built near the town hall as part of the village renewal, it should have its place in the future, suggested engineer ackermann. The kitzingen artist gabriele gauer made the artwork.

"Thank you, he is in good hands with us", mayor nickel was pleased about the prasent. The hollander will be installed at the festival planned for next spring to mark the end of the village renewal project. The village renewal project, which began planning in the fall of 2008, is now almost complete. According to mayor nickel, only the promised grants from the authorities are still missing, then the accounts can be settled.

The main focus of the renovation was the redesign of the market square. In addition, the church square was upgraded and the flat area behind the town hall was prepared. With a total of about one million euros, the municipality contributed almost half of the total costs out of its own pocket.

A milestone for the community

Mayor nickel had invited not only local celebrities and the geiselwinder business community, but also representatives of some authorities, elected officials, mayors of neighboring communities, and the kerwasburschen to the traditional kirchweih (church fair) pint with a sausage dinner. He began by pointing out that the focus of the morning should be on talking, on getting to know each other.

The head of the town briefly referred to the projects currently underway in the community, highlighting the new business park. The "inno-park", which is to be built in the direction of the futtersee district, covers a total of 17 hectares of land. Nickel called the project "a milestone for the community".

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