Five “watschn” for the bavarians

Five 'watschn' for the bavarians

In the dim light of the festively decorated room, where the pot is traditionally passed around at glittering cup parties, this time the humiliated players had quickly said goodbye to bed. No championship trophy, no DFB cup – and with a performance like the disgrace against borussia dortmund, there will be no title in the home finals of the champions league on saturday against FC chelsea either.

"Every goal we’ve seen from dortmund is like a blow to the head," said chairman karl-heinz rummenigge, describing his feelings on one of the most bitter dfb cup evenings in the club’s glorious history. "When you lose 2:5, it’s not a coincidence, it’s not bad luck, it’s – let’s be clear – a disgrace."After the final whistle, this was clearly visible on the faces of the bayern pros, who had been jeered at by the BVB supporters, as they crept away from the dortmund joy dance with their heads hanging down to their fans and later to the award ceremony.

Now the munich team must save the season with a coup in the home final. Even if national coach joachim low believes the bavarians will have a "huge reaction" and win the title – looking at berlin’s defensive performance makes one fear for the duel against didier drogba and fernando torres. "We have to take a critical look at ourselves and immediately correct next saturday what we got ourselves into tonight," rummenigge appealed to the team, which can still win the rough title. "I hope that we learn the right lessons from today’s game and then hopefully experience an evening in which we are happier, more satisfied and also prouder after the final whistle than is probably the case tonight."

Nobody wanted to say it over veal backs, tuna tartar and other delicacies in the main sponsor’s dependence, but the season could end for the munich team as it did for bayer leverkusen in 2002. Michael ballack had three chances to win the title& co., in the end the vizekuseners came away empty-handed. "We must do everything we can to win the final on saturday," bastian schweinsteiger demanded. "I don’t know anything about a berlin oath yet, but we have a very rough chance to create something historic."

The historic victory "dahoam" outshone everything, but nationally the ranking can only be restored in the new season. In total, there are now five defeats in a row against the borussia, three titles have recently gone to the rival from westphalia, for the bayern there is simply no recipe against klopps kicker. "We have to accept that we have a team in this republic that is currently above us nationally," rummenigge had to admit meekly. "We have to respect and accept this and perhaps try to correct it in the near future."

First of all, however, a correction of the season’s outcome must be made. "You still have a chance, but if you play like you did today, you won’t win the champions league either," waffled honorary president franz beckenbauer after an "embarrassing" defeat in the first moment boses. Five goals conceded in one game – the last time FC bayern conceded five goals in one game was during klinsmann’s time in office.

The munich team has always been able to deliver top performances for the beloved konigsklasse, but can you simply shake off a humiliation like the one by borussia?? "If you had the trophy in your hand, you could take that with you, that would have been good for the mood and your own mental state," ex-captain oliver kahn explained at the banquet. "Now it hangs already a little in the clothes." He hopes that the once-in-a-lifetime chance will now inspire the bayern pros against chelsea FC. "This final beats everything that has gone before and then you can let dortmund become champion and cup winner."

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