Election posters have a second life as works of art

Election posters have a second life as works of art

They are totally different and cheerful in a time of corona-tristesse: those of children from the (closed) steppach daycare center "arche noah" painted pictures. For the artwork, the election posters of gerd dallner, the new mayor of pommersfelden, were recycled.

In steppach, children have decorated the gates and fences of their houses with the pictures (the FT reported). The newly elected mayor loved to compile the collected works of the steppach youngsters into a collage in DIN-A-1 format (59.4 by 84.1 centimeters). In the middle the whole is explained by the report in the frankischer tag. The finished collage can now be admired on the fence of the kindergarten, but also as a "collage to go" on a smaller scale. On a tour of the village, the individual "paintings" can be seen thus be ticked off.

Outstanding was the presentation of the new mayor with dali mustache and devil horns, which a child gave to the new head of the municipality. As it became known, this painting can unfortunately not be admired in public space, but hangs at the entrance to a very private children's room.

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