Daughter attacks mother with knife

daughter attacks mother with knife

The jury was unable to grant the wish of a 71-year-old woman from the district of kitzingen, who was also the victim of an attempted homicide and the mother of the accused, that her daughter be "allowed home" from the psychiatric hospital as quickly as possible and then receive outpatient care.

For an act for which she cannot be punished, the court ordered a 39-year-old trained child care worker to be placed in a psychiatric ward for attempted manslaughter and grievous bodily harm in a security proceeding. The woman has been retired for a long time because of her mental illness, a paranoid schizophrenia.

Expert provides template

The verdict declared the 1. Rough criminal division of the regional court; the psychiatric expert had the soft, prof. Hans-peter voltz, medical director of the district hospital in werneck, germany, posed the following questions. He pointed out that the conviction that they were not ill and not dependent on medication was part of the accused’s clinical picture. Since 2002, this has already led to four temporary placements in the werneck hospital. The prognosis of danger in phases of non-treatment need not be limited to the mother, as has been the case up to now.

Preservation too risky

It therefore seemed too risky to the court to suspend the defendant’s placement with a renewed attempt to adjust her medication to her illness and to secure this with close-meshed care at home. According to the expert in response to this question, there is certainly no connection between many years of drug use and her illness.

The knife attack by the woman on her mother in november 2017 in the kitchen of the shared apartment was probably due to the fact that the patient had once again stopped taking her medication at the beginning of 2017 and thought she was doing much better without it. On the day of the crime, the woman feared that she would be taken to werneck at the instigation of her mother. The only thing that can be explained by her illness is a whole bundle of "apparent" motives that are difficult to understand: for example, a conflict is said to have broken out between mother and daughter because the daughter spent almost her entire pension, according to her caregiver, on birdseed and insinuated that the mother had something against the many birds in the garden.

Knife behind the back

There’s talk of voices from the ceiling that regulate everything, even your breathing. The mother has been locked in her bedroom at night for a long time, afraid of her daughter, because she often sneaks around the house with a knife behind her back. And the daughter began to cook for herself, because she was afraid of being poisoned by her mother.

Blade bent

It was not the first incident involving a knife in the apartment shared by mother and daughter, but it was the most violent. Shortly before, mother and sister were at the police in kitzingen and at the district court and suggested the accommodation of the accused, because the situation was getting worse. An expert from wurzburg did not consider it necessary at the time; in his opinion, there was no danger from the woman.

The fact that on the day of the crime in november 2017, when the daughter attacked her, the mother quickly took a tablecloth off the table and wrapped it around her neck for protection showed how present the danger was for her. That is why the woman had already hidden all the coarser cake knives in the house, the murder weapon had a blade no longer than five centimeters long with a serrated edge. A stab hit the back of the head and caused a small but violently bleeding injury, the stabs towards the neck has intercepted the tablecloth.

Lawyer bernhard lowenberg (wurzburg) announced an appeal against the decision immediately after the verdict was handed down. In his opinion, the accused voluntarily withdrew from the attempted murder, although she had had the opportunity to further attack the mother.

Weapon no longer to be used

The court sees it differently. It explained that the defendant abandoned her plan only because the blade of the cake knife was bent after the first stabs and the weapon was therefore unusable.

There were also clear verbal indications of an intent to kill, ranging from "hitting her" to "slashing her stomach" to see "where all the mother’s hatred was coming from.".

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