Cruise ship rams rhine bridge

Cruise ship rams Rhine bridge

A cruise ship rammed the pier of a freeway bridge over the rhine near duisburg. More than two dozen people on board were injured, the bridge was closed for hours.

According to police reports, the captain of the "swiss crystal" was also injured in the accident on tuesday evening. There were 129 people on board, as a spokeswoman for the swiss shipping company scylla told dpa. They came mainly from the netherlands.

Almost all passengers were back home, it continued. The closure of the baerl bridge on highway 42 was lifted again on wednesday morning, according to the state construction company straben.NRW announced. Structural engineers had previously checked the condition of the busy structure.

According to initial investigations by the police, the "swiss crystal" had crashed into the bridge pier on the left bank of the rhine in a long right-hand bend downstream. Normally the pier is on land at low water, but on tuesday evening it was in the water due to the high water level of 5.68 meters.

The ship was on the last few kilometers of a voyage that began on wednesday 22. December torn with start and destination in arnheim via mainz and koblenz. It was supposed to dock on wednesday. The collision caused many passengers to fall as a result of the violent jolt. The ship, which was heavily damaged at the bow, was traveling at a normal speed of 25 to 28 kilometers per hour, it added.

The exact cause of the accident is now being investigated by experts from the ship investigation commission of the waterways and shipping authority (WSA). An emergency team from the shipping company, which operates a total of 28 ships, and insurance experts have also traveled to the site of the accident. The wreck was towed about a kilometer downstream to duisburg muhlenweide for the investigations.

After the collision, the A42 was closed in both directions between the duisburg-baerl and beeck junctions as a precautionary measure. According to information from straben-NRW, however, structural engineers did not detect any serious damage to the rhine bridge. Highway 42 is one of the main routes in and out of the benelux countries and is used by an annual average of around 90,000 vehicles per day.

The exact number of injured was unclear until wednesday afternoon. The fire department spoke of a total of 27 injured people. The shipping company of the wrecked ship, on the other hand, named 30 injured, including 4 crew members.

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