Craft still has 29.000 apprenticeship places to be awarded

Craft still has 29.000 apprenticeship places to be awarded

Trades president hans peter wollseifer has appealed to school leavers to start an apprenticeship in the trades this year.

"We still have capacity: at the moment there are still 29 in the craft sector alone.000 apprenticeship places available," wollseifer told the "rheinische post" on the occasion of german crafts day.

"Our companies can continue to train, and they want to do so. I can only encourage all young people to actually take advantage of the opportunities in the skilled trades and start an apprenticeship now," said the president of the german confederation of skilled crafts (ZDH). Many young people are insecure because of the corona crisis, because they could not get enough information.

At the end of august, craft enterprises had signed 10 percent fewer training contracts than at the same time in 2019, according to the figures. At the beginning of the corona pandemic, however, there were almost 19 percent fewer in may. "Now, however, momentum has come into the matter, so that we can hope to come to the end of the year about the same number of trainees as in the previous year," said wollseifer: "certainly we can and will also continue to train and employ cursed people."

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