Cow escapes into novice garden in munnerstadt

Cow escapes into novice garden in munnerstadt

Two cows escaped on monday morning in the nearby munnerstadt district of althausen. One of the two animals escaped into the novice garden. Both the farmer and the alarmed rescuers were unable to calm the animal down enough to catch it alive. The cow seemed tense and aggressive, so they saw no other option than to shoot it down, especially since the novice garden is surrounded by a kindergarten and two old people’s homes. This difficult task was taken on by a police officer who is also a teenager.
The decision was not taken lightly. But the animal did not like anyone to come near it and excitedly scratched its hooves. Even the farmer could not get close to his animal. Capturing it with a lasso might have been an option, but it wasn’t possible. There is no one in the area who has mastered this technology, said animal shelter director ursula bohm, who was also on the spot.

Kindergarten was safe

The fire department cordoned off the area around the novizengarten on all sides for the duration of the operation. The kindergarten management was notified and asked to keep the children inside until the end of the operation.
The fire department provided a fire truck whose roof was used as a hunting pulpit. Only in this way was a targeted shot possible. Fence and bushes prevented a clear view of the animal.
According to mayor helmut blank, the meat of the hunted animal can no longer be sold commercially – EU regulations prohibit this – but it can be used for home slaughtering for personal consumption after consultation with the bad kissingen veterinary office.
For a long time it was hoped that at least the second cow could be brought back to its stable unharmed. That did not succeed. For quite a while the signs were good. This cow was almost driven to the barn from the lauertal bridge with the help of the emergency forces. In althausen, however, the beast turned away again and trotted off again in the direction of munnerstadt. The hunting rifle was then used here as well.
The animals had escaped from the althausen farmer while he was mucking out the stable. How this could happen, berthold klopf himself does not know. Something like this has never happened to him in all these decades, he explained on monday.
The two animals had set off in the direction of munnerstadt. The head of the city’s public works department, stefan sluzar, was on a site visit to the city wall when he received the news about the escaped cow.
Together with the fire department, he immediately went in search of the animals. Because there had been indications that a cow was in the area of the strabe am dicken turm. A short time later, sluzar spotted them in the novice garden. As a result, the gates of the small park were closed on both sides by the fire department and the site manager, so that the cow sank in the trap. The second animal was discovered in the lauer floodplain. It had probably stayed there most of the time.

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