Chimpanzee robby to continue living with ringmaster

Chimpanzee robby to continue living with ringmaster

Where is the best place for a circus chimpanzee that has practically only grown up among humans in its last years of life?? The higher administrative court of lower saxony has ruled on this issue.

Chimpanzee robby had spent more than four decades in a small circus – and that’s where he should stay, ruled the court in luneburg. Robby is probably the last ape in a circus in germany.

"I am happy that i can keep my child," said its owner, circus director klaus kohler, immediately after the court’s decision. According to his information, the monkey is 47, the court assumed that he is 43 years old. In any case, robby is an old monkey, even in captivity, very few chimpanzees live to be old. Kohler went to court against a decision by the district of celle that robby should be sent to a sanctuary specializing in the rehabilitation of great apes.

Although robby was unquestionably severely misbehaved, he did not have to be surrendered, the judges ruled. Robby is indeed imprinted on humans and is not kept in a species-appropriate manner and with other apes. However, the district did not sufficiently consider, among other things, the animal’s advanced age and the associated dangers of a resocialization that could take years. In addition, it was disregarded that the monkey probably had direct contact with only a few conspecifics, even in the facility. Thus the senate decided differently than the administrative court of luneburg in april last year.

The hearing on thursday was only about the question of the probably smaller ubel for robby. The senate hired a veterinary specialist for his decision. Robby lacks social contacts and skills, explained expert pierre grothmann. The male chimpanzee exhibits developmental disorders and is unable to act out typical behaviors, such as in his sexual life. On the other hand robby had been castrated at a young age.

Robby was born in a zoo and separated from his fellow animals at an early age, then he came to circus belly by klaus kohler. "Robby doesn’t know any monkeys, only humans – we are the conspecifics for him", said circus director kohler. "This is a person with human traits."Robby only performs rarely now – namely when he feels like it. The family spends several hours a day with him. "A withdrawal would be a death sentence for him," kohler said.

Animal welfare groups have long been calling for a complete ban on the keeping of wild animals in circuses. This is how the "four paws" foundation was disappointed with the verdict. She appealed to the federal government to enact a nationwide ban. Peta has also been advocating this for years: on thursday, about a dozen of its supporters demonstrated in front of the courthouse, holding up transparencies reading "animals out of the circus.

The district of celle wants to consider whether to appeal against the non-admission of the appeal.

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