Chemnitz boss anti-semitically insulted by his own fans

Chemnitz boss anti-Semitically insulted by his own fans

According to the CFC, in particular managing director thomas sobotzik had been insulted with anti-semitic slurs. In addition, some supporters had shown solidarity with the knowledgeable ex-captain daniel frahn. First the MDR had reported about the incidents.

"Threats and statements like "thomas sobotzik, you jew sow" or "daniel frahn is at least not a negro" must not have any acceptance in our society," the CFC's statement said, adding that it "finds the revolts disgusting and rejects them in the strongest possible terms. The third league club also wants to take legal action.

After the final whistle of the match, which ended 2-2, CFC officials had decided that the team would not say goodbye to the fans in the curva. When sobotzik and wunderlich told this to the supporters, further insults were said to have been shouted from the curve. This confirmed press spokesman wunderlich of the german press agency. "We don't want these people to ruin the reputation of chemnitz FC," wunderlich explained.

The CFC has long been the focus of negative headlines. The club had recently denounced sturmer frahn for his alleged proximity to the right-wing scene. According to a report in the "freie presse", the sturmer is taking legal action against this.

This was preceded by a scandal in march, when frahn held up a t-shirt with the inscription "support your local hools" after scoring a goal. Earlier, fans of the CFC had honored the dead hooligan and right-wing extremist thomas H. Honored with a powerful choreography. He is considered a founder of the hooligan association hoonara (hooligans, nazis, racists).

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