With “siggi” everyone feels good in autenhausen


In this bath the motto is "rest instead of slide". Compared to modern spas, the autenhausen recreational facility looks like a relic from a bygone era. The swimming pool, picturesquely situated on the edge of the seblach district in the creek bed of the kreck, is nevertheless not to be reduced in size. The 40th anniversary of the facility will be celebrated this weekend.

People liked to swim in autenhausen even after the second world war: residents of the then still independent community used a weir on the kreck to cool off in the water. Since it was located in the immediate vicinity of the zonal border, however, land mines from the GDR border fortifications that had been sprayed into the water often clouded the pool.

In search of a safer place to swim, the municipality loved to dredge a pond in the erlenbachsgrund, but it was quickly overrun by algae. This is how the plans for a swimming pool behind the sports ground came into being. The construction was a great effort for the small community. On 25. June 1972 the new facility was put into operation. Since then, a lot has happened: the technical and sanitary facilities have been modernized, the changing rooms have been renewed, the roof has been renovated and a paddling pool has been built for the smallest bathers. When the sun and warmth are missing, the water is heated to a constant 25 degrees thanks to the heating system.
In view of the current weather conditions, only a few visitors dare to enter the open-air swimming pool. Nevertheless, lifeguard siegfried schmidt (better known as "der siggi") has his hands full: supervising the pool, maintaining the entire facility, mowing the lawn, cleaning the pools, checking the water quality, cleaning, tidying up and looking after the guests – especially those who belong to the groups booked into the neighboring campgrounds.

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Investment in the training village bonnland

investment in the training village bonnland

At the infantry day last summer, brigadier general andreas hannemann and the parliamentary secretary of state in the ministry of defense, peter tauber (CDU), also discussed the bonnland training village. The infantry training center wanted to adapt the facility to current training requirements. And apparently a lot of movement has come into the matter.

Hannemann, commander of the hammelburg infantry training center, mentioned the topic in his speech at the reception following the traditional christmas concert of the german armed forces. "After fixing several investments in training facilities and accommodation within the saaleck barracks in the past months, we are now turning our attention to the expansion of the local combat facility bonnland", said hannemann.

The aim is to adapt the infrastructure to the requirements of modern warfare and to create the best possible conditions for the optimal preparation of units for deployment. According to hannemann, investments in the high double-digit millions are currently being discussed. The idea behind the expansion of the bonnland training facility is to be able to depict the modern infrastructure found in operational areas in the training scenarios. For that the scenery must be extended by buildings.

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Report: cebit stops the fall – but what happens next??

Report: cebit stops the fall - but what happens next??

The decline of recent years seems to have been halted for the time being. This year, the number of exhibitors has risen slightly for the second time in a row. More than 4200 in 70 countries this year. In terms of visitors, the fair hopes to exceed last year’s 339,000 mark. Major exhibitors such as microsoft and IBM remain loyal to the IT show. Even google is here. And the fair is happy about some prominent returnees like samsung or sharp.

In addition, the organizers once again emphasize that the sheer number of exhibitors says little about the number of visitors. "The main thing is for customers to do business here," says trade fair director ernst raue. So we can finally breathe a sigh of relief in hannover? Even at one of the rough cebit exhibitors, it’s acknowledged that the high-tech performance show has not yet regained its old radiance.

The fact that exhibitors are leaving so quickly that the trade show could disappear from one year to the next is no longer something to be feared. But the role of the leading IT trade show and center of the digital world, much touted by the german industry association bitkom, is not yet over? The mobile world congress, which traditionally gathers industry captains in barcelona just a few days before the cebit, has taken over this role.

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A lot of work awaits in the archives

A lot of work awaits in the archives

The archive is the memory of a community. Well sorted and equipped with an accurate index, it is a wonderful treasure with a wealth of information about the community and life in it. The municipal alliance 7/22 sudost women around the importance of archives and has hired for this purpose julia halbleib. She first took on the seinsheim archives.

Community archive care

Iphofen, mainbernheim, markt einersheim, seinsheim, willanzheim, martinsheim and rodelsee have joined together to form an alliance. This is the first time that the city of iphofen has cooperated in the preservation of its archives under the leadership of willanzheim. Julia halbleib from gerlachshausen has been working as the new full-time archivist since mid march, for the time being for five years. The 28-year-old studied history (bachelor’s degree) and art history (master’s degree) in wurzburg and wrote her master’s thesis on field post letters from the first world war.

First stop: seinsheim

There is a lot of work waiting for them in the municipal archives. First stop so far was seinsheim. "My work in the archives depends on the seasons," she says, laughing. The explanation, however, is simple: the seinsheim archive, for example, is housed under the roof. And it gets very warm there in the summer, because the room is naturally not air-conditioned. So the transitional period of spring/summer offered itself here.

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German software company: “penis” program loses internet hype

German software company:

Because of a product name, a brandenburg company has become internet hype 10000 kilometers away in indonesia.

Kontool: a slang term for penis

In the southeast asian country, people are amused by the software consulting company kantiko, which has its headquarters in kleinmachnow near berlin. The reason: the company sells a software called "kontool" – in indonesian a slang expression for penis.

A new study on the man's best piece shows: this is the perfect penis size

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Upper franconian authorities do not provide detailed corona figures – that’s what’s behind them

Upper Franconian authorities do not provide detailed corona figures - that's what's behind them

In the corona crisis, the district offices and independent cities in franconia publish current case figures on corona deaths and registered infected persons on an almost daily basis. There is, however, a gross difference between the localities.

While, for example, individual district offices in central franconia provide detailed figures – broken down by individual towns, communities, markets, etc. – I do not believe that wildfleck has a future. – published, the situation in upper franconia is different: here, only the total figures from the city and the state are published. County named.

No resolved coronavirus numbers from upper franconia

In a recent announcement on wednesday (29. April 2020), for example, the district office of hof only gives the following figures for the city and county of hof: all registered to date corona trap (482), of which already recovered (319) as well as deaths of covid-19 infected persons (27). In addition, the district office confirms the latest fatality (82-year-old woman from a nursing home in the district of hof). The situation is comparable in all other regions of upper franconia. Only the total figures are shown here:

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Nagasaki commemorates 68. Anniversary of the atomic bombing

Nagasaki commemorates 68. Anniversary of the atomic bombing

Abe’s government’s failure to support a recently negotiated international declaration in geneva to renounce nuclear weapons was a betrayal of the world community’s expectations, tomihisa taue said in a speech commemorating the victims of the atomic bombing of the sudjapanese city.

At a meeting in geneva of the preparatory committee for the review of the non-proliferation treaty, the japanese government refused to endorse a declaration calling atomic weapons inhumane. This declaration had been endorsed by 80 countries in april. Abe justified his stance with the nuclear threat from north korea. As he had done three days earlier in hiroshima, the head of government nevertheless pledged to work for a world free of nuclear weapons.

At the same time, however, mayor taue expressed his concern about the government’s intention to cooperate with the nuclear power india in the civilian use of nuclear energy. Such cooperation with a state like india, which is not a party to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, only provides north korea with an argument to justify its own nuclear program, said taue.

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Habfurt bank rehearses the serious case

Habfurt bank rehearses the serious case

The evacuation was fortunately not due to a serious incident, but "only" a rehearsal. "But in the event of an emergency, our employees must learn how to behave in the flesh", explained the chairman of the board of the savings bank, peter schleich. "Therefore, we wanted to sensitize them with this exercise."

Already during the preparation of the announced exercise, which will be followed by an unannounced exercise at some point in the future, the employees had been well prepared by the two safety officers wolfgang sidon and karl schumacher.

Fire simulated
The aim of the room alarm was to simulate a fire incident and to protect customers and employees. Each individual employee was thus made aware of the processes involved in a clearing operation, which can then be adapted or optimized if necessary.

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Loewe stands with its back to the wall

Loewe stands with its back to the wall

Confidence at loewe lasted just one month. At the end of march, the new boss of the long-established TV equipment manufacturer was still hoping for a small increase in sales this year. But that will probably come to nothing. On thursday evening, matthias harsch had to admit surprisingly poor quarterly figures and, above all, had to announce in a mandatory release that the losses will have already eaten up half of the share capital by the end of may. The group writes that earnings will now also fall in 2013, and the loss will be greater. And the air is getting darker for loewe.

The notification is a legal obligation, which initially has no direct consequences but the obligation to convene a general meeting. But it reveals how serious the situation is for the group, which has been in crisis for years. Investors reacted with shock: on friday, the price of loewe shares, which were not particularly shiny anyway, plummeted at times by a third to under 2 euros. Matthias harsch must now quickly raise fresh capital. He will consider everything from raising the company's capital to finding investors to buy into loewe, he says.

But even that was not to be an easy road, because both variants require donors who believe in the future of loewe. Not an easy task given the state of the consumer electronics market. There is almost overwhelming competition from asia, which produces larger quantities at ever lower prices. Samsung and panasonic are also on the radar in germany. In this country, only loewe and metz remain from their former glory. Brands such as normende, saba and grundig have disappeared or been sold to foreign mass producers.

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Restoration of an old vineyard wall in machtilshausen

restoration of an old vineyard wall in machtilshausen

A redstart has already discovered the stone wall for himself. The bird, which originally broods in stone cavities, flutters by to scout out a sufficiently rough gap between the stone blocks. Also some insects are buzzing around. Nature quickly takes possession of its new habitat, as jasmin fidyka indicates.

The new habitat is a dry stone wall about 40 meters long and about 1.80 meters high in the nature reserve "dry areas near machtilshausen". It is part of the district’s grunggitter insect protection project, for which fidyka is responsible as project manager.

The wall passes over two plots of land with scattered fruit trees. It had partially fallen into disrepair. The two landowners, gerry ackerl and norbert zier, joined forces to rebuild them. Roland lenhart from the nature conservation authority at the district office helped to organize the project. Lenhart has helped restore about 2,000 square meters of dry stone walls during the course of his life of service, which is now coming to an end, as he explains.

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