Schlecker offers 500 euro severance pay to laid-off workers

Schlecker offers 500 euro severance pay to laid-off workers

Statements made in court by a lawyer for the insolvency administration that the amount quoted in court was intended as a "guideline for all schlecker traps" were, however, contradicted by a spokesperson for the insolvency administrator on thursday. According to spokesman patrick hacker, there will be no uniform offer for skilled employees of the insolvent drugstore chain: "these are individual decisions," he said. The trade union verdi criticized the approach of the schlecker insolvency administration to offer severance payments of this amount to plaintiff ex-employees at this point in time.

The lawyer had offered the sum of 500 euros on wednesday in the labor court ulm during good negotiations with two plaintiff ex-schlecker-employees, as the competent judge nikolaus zimmermann confirmed. As he further said, she had given this sum before the court as a "guide for all licker traps". He thus confirmed a report in the "sudwest presse" (thursday). "If both parties agree, the difficult process would be averted," the ulm judge said.

The sum was "of course not much", but the plaintiffs now had to decide whether to accept it. A uniform line makes perfect sense for several procedures, said zimmermann. The insolvency administration said that there was no guideline for this.

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Bird protection comes first: clothing container with nest blocked in franconia

Bird protection comes first: clothing container with nest blocked in franconia

Christian reichel was amazed at what he found on the way to work. The young police trainee walked past an overfilled clothing container in weiher on his way to the police station of the erlangen-land police department in uttenreuth. Loud beeping makes the service technician sit up and take a closer look at the clothing container. In fact, there was a nest between the clothing bags in which a pair of redstarts had made themselves comfortable and were now busily raising their offspring. It was the young birds that loudly made themselves heard and begged their parents for food with an excited chirp. On arrival at the police station, the officers acted quickly and contacted the municipality of uttenreuth and the bavarian red cross in erlangen, the people responsible for the old-clothes containers. "The management reacted immediately to our tip about the bird’s nest and stopped the emptying until july. The municipality of uttenreuth also reacted very quickly. Half an hour after the facts were described in the town hall, an employee of the building yard was on site with three barrier beacons", informs christoph reh, the animal welfare officer of the erlangen-land police department. Since there was a danger that the container would be emptied and the birds would be harmed, the container was secured for the next three weeks with the support of the municipality of uttenreuth. The red cross waives the emptying of the container during this time. "Many people are not aware that all european bird species have a special protection status under the federal nature conservation act. This is also true for the nests and the brut", explains christoph reh. He appeals: "during the breeding season, the animals must not be disturbed or disturbed. Just now, where many young bird fugge become, can be facilitated their start in the life, by covering for example also rain fountains and light shafts, so that young bird do not fall into it."

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Bavaria wraps up championship – player quarrels

Bavaria wraps up championship - player quarrels

"After today, we certainly don’t have to talk about the championship anymore," said a totally frustrated bavarian sports director christian nerlinger after the perhaps decisive blow, adding: "of course, the criticism will come now and we’ll be under pressure."

This also applies to the head coach, who as a fubball sage was supposed to be a kind of bridge builder to a glorious future and now rather has to fear for his job. "When you’re a coach at FC bayern, you have to deal with situations like this, be calm and sovereign," said the 66-year-old, whom nerlinger plans to ask to talk to him: "at the appropriate time. I do not have to sell it." Toni kroos, who became an international under heynckes at leverkusen, doesn’t want a coach discussion: "hopefully there won’t be one now."

Heynckes, who previously spent two years with bayer 04, does not have much hope of regaining the top spot in the table after a bitter 90 minutes at his old stomping ground. On sunday he stood with the reservists on the training ground. The players used to complete their regeneration unit on mountain bikes with removed safety devices. The bowl is far away.

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Horror over murders in hanau

Horror over murders in hanau

In the night from thursday, a total of eleven people, including the perpetrator, lost their lives in a right-wing attack.

Sign against nazis

On the occasion of this heinous and inhumane act, bamberger democrats organized a vigil in solidarity with the victims and their relatives. Although the action could only be announced two hours in advance, 150 people from bamberg came together to set a sign against nazis and for humanitarianism.

The mood during the vigil was recognizably charged. An exuberant atmosphere, as usual at demos, was missing as well as choruses. This made clear that the 20. February was a day of mourning.

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Daughter attacks mother with knife

daughter attacks mother with knife

The jury was unable to grant the wish of a 71-year-old woman from the district of kitzingen, who was also the victim of an attempted homicide and the mother of the accused, that her daughter be "allowed home" from the psychiatric hospital as quickly as possible and then receive outpatient care.

For an act for which she cannot be punished, the court ordered a 39-year-old trained child care worker to be placed in a psychiatric ward for attempted manslaughter and grievous bodily harm in a security proceeding. The woman has been retired for a long time because of her mental illness, a paranoid schizophrenia.

Expert provides template

The verdict declared the 1. Rough criminal division of the regional court; the psychiatric expert had the soft, prof. Hans-peter voltz, medical director of the district hospital in werneck, germany, posed the following questions. He pointed out that the conviction that they were not ill and not dependent on medication was part of the accused’s clinical picture. Since 2002, this has already led to four temporary placements in the werneck hospital. The prognosis of danger in phases of non-treatment need not be limited to the mother, as has been the case up to now.

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The meaning of all saints and all souls

the meaning of all saints and all souls

All saints’ day and all souls’ day are catholic days of remembrance and mourning in november: while the roman catholic church remembers all its saints literally on all saints’ day, all souls’ day is the day on which the deceased are remembered through prayers and prayers for the dead.

The memorial days at the end of the church year are intended to comfort people, for example when the loss of a loved one was mourned in the past year. At the same time, christian days of mourning, with their diverse symbolism, bring the transience of life and the omnipresence of death into focus.

The catholic feast of all saints, which is celebrated annually on the 1. November has its origins in the orient.

There already knew around the turn to the 5. Century was a martyrs’ day, commemorating all those who had lived their christian faith in an exemplary manner and died as martyrs.

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Further fuss about mainz main station – fubball fans arrive

Further fuss about mainz main station - fubball fans arrive

A company spokeswoman said on saturday that no personnel discussions were being conducted via the media. Meanwhile, criticism of the federally owned company is mounting.

For a week now, mainz has been largely cut off from long-distance traffic in the evenings and at night, as almost half of the 15 train dispatchers in the signal box are ill or on vacation and the railroad has no more staff. On sunday, the crisis station is also expected to be hit by a rush of soccer fans who want to watch the match between mainz 05 and vfb stuttgart.

3200 fans are expected from stuttgart alone, according to a vfb spokesman. Some of them will travel to the capital of rhineland-palatinate on a special train. "There’s even room on the fan train," said the spokesman. Otherwise, no tips are given on how best to get to mainz, the fans have already found their way – and the problems at the train station are well-known.

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Double goalkeeper ujah symbolic figure for kolns upswing

Double goalkeeper ujah symbolic figure for kolns upswing

Anthony ujah knelt in front of the corner flag, stretched his arms upward in triumph, and was cheered by his fellow fans.

With the 2-0 victory of the 1. FC koln at dynamo dresden the 22-year-old made the decisive difference with his second double pack in a row. The nigerian, who has long struggled with form and goal crises, is emblematic of colonn’s resurgence in the 2. Fubball bundesliga.

The loan striker from FSV mainz 05 scored his tenth and eleventh goals of the season in dresden and knows who he has to thank for it. "The coach has helped me regain my confidence, and the team has made it possible for me to score," the attacker explained.

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Fck celebrates its “young savages

Fck celebrates its

In the 4:1 (2:1) win against FC erzgebirge aue, seven players were on the pitch who are only 22 years old or younger. "The trainer shows us that we are on the right track," said one of the "young wild ones," 21-year-old denis linsmayer.

Together with steven zellner (21), linsmayer played a brilliantly functioning "double six" for 90 minutes. The 22-year-old hendrick zuck, along with alexander baumjohann (36./79.) and mohammadou idrissou (81.) about the goal scorers (7. Minute) and also formed with the greek national player konstantinos fortounis (20) the lauter wing pincer. Even younger is the 19-year-old dominique heintz in central defense. Florian riedel (22) and kwame nsor (20) were substituted during the game.

The pfalz jugendstil has a system. Most of the young players stood in the west stand of the fritz walter stadium as teenagers, then became ball boys, played in the various youth teams and finally recommended themselves for a contract with the professionals via the regional league team. "It"s fantastic," said linsmayer. "I used to stand in the west curve and admire the players. Today I got there after the game from a fan after our victory a scarf as a gift."

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37 Injured in turbulence on air canada flight

37 injured in turbulence on air canada flight

37 people injured in turbulence on air canada flight to australia.

The plane finally had to land on thursday in hawaii on schedule, the airline announced. According to the report, those affected received medical treatment and have since been released from the hospital.

According to the statement, the AC33 flight was en route from vancouver in southeastern canada to sydney on thursday with 269 passengers and 15 crew members when "unforeseen and sudden turbulence" occurred. According to global news canada, eyewitnesses reported that some passengers were not wearing seat belts and had hit their heads on the ceiling.

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