Wulff wanted to prevent “bild” report

Wulff wanted to prevent 'bild' report

As the "bild" newspaper confirmed on monday, wulff personally tried in december to prevent the first publication of research into the financing of his private home. In the case of "bild" editor-in-chief kai diekmann, he had threatened criminal consequences for the responsible editor. Wulff also intervened unsuccessfully with springer boss mathias dopfner, the publisher confirmed. Journalists’ associations react with criticism. Wulff did not comment on the specific incident on monday.

Wulff’s telephone intervention was first reported in the "frankfurter allgemeine sonntagszeitung", then in more detail in the "suddeutsche zeitung" (SZ) on monday. Accordingly, wulff threatened on 12. December "bild" editor-in-chief diekmann announces "final break" with springer publishing house – in case this "unbelievable" story actually appears. This "crosses the rubicon". The phrase "waging war" has also been used. Wulff left protest on diekmann’s cell phone mailbox.

The call came one day before "bild" published the first report on the controversial 500,000-euro loan by the entrepreneurial couple geerkens, who are friends of wulff. The federal president is also said to have intervened with springer’s majority shareholder friede springer: as "cicero" editor-in-chief michael naumann wrote in the magazine’s online edition on monday, wulff apparently also tried to prevent "bild" reporting with this phone call – again without success. A springer spokesman said this evening when asked: "we are not aware of anything to this effect."

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Kuhne criticizes arp switch: “grossly misguided decision”

Kuhne criticizes arp switch: 'grossly misguided decision'

"I think it’s a blatant misjudgement to give a talent to the "bavarian enemy" again who can do nothing better than buy the best players and talents from other bundesliga clubs at the highest prices," the businessman told the "sport bild" newspaper. This would lead to a complete distortion of competition in german professional soccer.

It was only two weeks ago that it was announced that arp would be moving from second division leader to FC bayern. The deal had already been struck last summer. The timing of the change is still open.

The 19-year-old attacker had extended his HSV contract until 2020 the previous year after the relegation of the traditional club. However, he may decide for himself whether he goes to munich in the summer of 2019 or a year later. The decision will be made after the season is over.

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Gunsmoke and thunderclap

Gunsmoke and thunderclap

The landmark of the market elfershausen, the trimburg, was taken once again. But not from brave knights but from the "kurbairischen dragonerregiment johann wolf, who fought many a battle in the french-hessian region during the 30-year war. The taking of the trimburg in the three decades preserved weapon course is even historically documented.

The kurbairian dragoon regiment was not allowed to be responsible for the destruction of the landmark. Rather swedish troops, whose siege of trimburg is also documented. She is the subject of a legend. According to this, the starving defenders once shot their last pig with a catapult into the camp of the attackers and thus led them around by the nose. For he who moves pigs has enough food in the house, carl gustav’s troops concluded from this and disappeared – allegedly.

The dragoon regiment is a historical group from momlingen, which takes part in representations of the war ravaging all europe. Only recently returned from groningen, the netherlands, the regiment johann wolf was involved in a demonstration of several days from said time, in which 650 actors participated, reports "hauptmann" and group founder uwe klotz. They reenacted the decisive battle from the 80-year war there, when the hollanders threw the spanish out of the country.

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Heated debate about mountain bike trails

heated debate about mountain bike trails

Emotional, heated and extensive discussions took place in the market town council of wildflecken about the EU-leader project "mountainbike rhon and foreland". The main issue was that some of the designated routes of the regional project crossed private land, paths, meadows and forests.

Market town councilor klaus rest (PWW) had demanded in the run-up to the meeting that unresolved liability issues and other legal aspects of the route be clarified immediately. However: in 2018, the municipal council had already approved the designated routes of the leader project. There was still no member of the town council. Various liability issues will now be published in the next municipal newsletter and explained in more detail, said mayor gerd kleinhenz (PWW). At the time, all affected municipalities and the county had agreed to the route in a legally binding resolution. In 2018, the project was again preceded by objections, for example from hunting leaseholders, which were taken into account at various points in the new planning of the route.

Information policy criticized

"The trend towards mountain biking and e-biking is unbroken", so kleinhenz. "We cannot simply reverse our decision at that time", he said: "as mayor i see myself in the responsibility to work on a further development of the community". I can’t see that anyone should have been harmed in any way by the new mountain bike trails. I emphasize once again the importance and correctness of the routes decided at that time." Councilman rest did not want to come to terms with the mayor’s statements and sharply criticized the designation of the mountain bike route, especially in the vicinity of the black mountains near oberbach. The affected owners of the land around the black mountains had not been informed comprehensively, either directly or personally, he said, who, according to his own information, had been "in discussion for a few weeks" intensively concerned with the issue. Some of the routes went right through private woods. "I personally see this as very questionable", says the oberbacher. From suitable because of mountain bikers could be partly no speech at all, besides the wild by the mountain bikers unnecessarily startled. Damage from browsing is unavoidable. In addition, he criticized that the liability issues for private landowners had not been regulated. A contractually binding written disclaimer is not currently available to any private party. "One thing is certain for me, on a tree in my private property no sign for a mountain bike route comes to it", rest made clear. He attacked the signposting of the new route that has already been done. "Has any landowner ever been asked to accept a sign on one of his trees??" None of the affected owners around the black mountains or around oberbach had been able to exert any influence on the route of the line. "I cannot justify the procedure for the designation of the routes with my conscience. I can’t and don’t want to justify this to the burghers", he said. "From the very beginning, the district administration of bad kissingen did not care about the interests of the owners", said rest. "I therefore propose that the route in question be removed from the planning process now.

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Kitzingen gives schaeffler a home

Kitzingen gives schaeffler a home

With its products, the french schaeffler group from herzogenaurach has long been among the world's best. Now he also wants to offer his customers top performance in delivery.

Modern and largely automated

On monday, shareholder and majority owner georg schaeffler together with minister president markus soder opened the european service center (EDZ) mitte in the kitzingen business park connekt. The modern and largely automated logistics center was built on the site of the former harvey barracks, a u.S. Barracks that was part of the neighboring airfield. Now all the group's products are distributed there step by step throughout europe.

Eliminating the needle's eye

Until now, delivery was the needle's ear in the group: shipments came from each individual production site, often spread over several packages or staggered over time. Georg schaeffler compared his group's performance to that of the national soccer team in its most recent game against austria: "that had a lot in common with our logistics," he admitted whimsically in front of guests of honor and employees. Therefore, he is pleased that "in just under 20 months something great has been built up".

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