Captain of the “dream ship” dismissed – emport

captain of the 'dream ship' dismissed - emport

The feisty captain had publicly criticized the shipping company on several occasions. Jungblut spoke out on tuesday. He told the "bild" newspaper: "I am shocked".

Jungblut had publicly protested against plans to flag out the "deutschland" to malta. The shipping company finally relented in the face of public pressure. He had then recently declared that the "deutschland" was to be sold to korea.

Although he had been in charge of the "deutschland" and its crew for 13 years, he had to learn about his resignation from the media, jungblut said. Besides, he did not have any notice yet. Also not comprehensible are the notices of other long-serving members of the crew. In the past few days, the hotel manager and the head hostess, among others, have been dismissed.

In order to clarify the matter, he asked a lawyer to represent his interests, said the 59-year-old. The trade union verdi announced that it would provide jungblut with legal assistance and support him in a legal dispute following his summary dismissal.

Deilmann managing director konstantin bissias had declared: "a captain is the shipping company’s trusted representative on a ship. Andreas jungblut has repeatedly failed to live up to this claim."Elmar muhlebach (45) is to succeed jungblut on the bridge. The black forest native is to sail the cruise ship in future in alternation with captain andreas greulich (52).

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