Bbc: bp wants to ask government for help over “deepwater horizon

Bbc: bp wants to ask government for help over

The issue was escalating compensation demands from the U.S. That threatened the company's recovery and could potentially make it a takeover candidate, the BBC reported thursday, citing unnamed BP sources.

BP to ask british prime minister david cameron to discuss the issue with the u.S. Government at the g8 summit in northern ireland in june. BB denied in the evening that there have already been discussions. "We talk to the government all the time about a wide range of issues to keep them informed about what"s going on around the world, including things in the u.S., but BP has not discussed this with the prime minister."

A spokesman for cameron also said that cameron had not discussed the issue with BP and did not mention it during his visit to the u.S. This week: "ultimately, this is BP"s business.Cameron generally has an open ear for problems of british companies," he said.

11 people were killed in the accident three years ago on the deepwater horizon oil rig in the gulf of mexico. Ol leaked for weeks, damaging nature and the economy in the region. So far, BP expects the total cost of the oil spill to be 42 billion U.S. Dollars (32.6 billion euros).

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