At home in the middle of the town of rodental

At home in the middle of the town of rodental

It was the five-year-old lotte who received the symbolic key for the new pastor fritzanke daycare center on friday. Architect roland schultheib presented her with the small work of art for the inauguration. Lotte and all the other children have long since settled in as the adults celebrate the completion of the facility. The fact that she, and not the head of the kindergarten, heidi ludwig, received the key should underline for whom planners and workers have been working hard in the past months: the children.
Mayor marco steiner () was keen to emphasize that only the building is new, not the kindergarten. It has been around for 110 years. At the time, it was built close to the factory as a foundation of the annawerk. Deacon gunther neidhardt found out that in kaiser’s time some things were already quite similar to what they are today. Like steiner, he had leafed through old records. The first director, fraulein bockelberg, noted in 1908 that embroidery, knitting, building and folding would be taught in the kindergarten, and as often as possible in the garden. In 1918, however, the kindergarten management was pleased that a donation made it possible to "purchase helmets and rifles for all the boys."

Changing wearers

The kindergarten was initially run as a foundation. In 1942 it was taken over by the national socialist volkswohlfahrt, after the war it went to the bavarian state office for property administration and became property of the state of bavaria. A little later, pastor fritz anke founded a kindergarten association, which was soon able to take over the kindergarten. Today, the evangelical church community is the facility’s sponsor. Construction load carrier is the city of rodental.
The city council therefore had to decide what to do with the old fritz-anke kindergarten. "A new building on the old site would not have been possible", marco steiner stated. Because there was no alternative for the company to operate during the construction work. But the nursery was needed. Not only that, but it had to grow from two to three groups plus a nursery. So a new site was searched, which was found near the middle school. A place that reminds pastor jorg mahler of jesus’ quote "let the children come to me" recalled. Because: "we do not deport the children, they are in the middle of the city", he emphasized at the inauguration, which he performed together with his catholic colleague peter fischer.

Clear concept

The concept that architect roland schultheib followed in his planning could be seen by the guests during a tour of the facility. "I wanted bright rooms from which you can always see the green", he explained. This was made possible by a roofed area in front of the windows. Even when the sun is shining, there is no need to cover the windows," he says. In addition, there is always an area in the open air that offers shade or rain protection so that the children can go outside at any time. The kindergarten and the day nursery are separated inside – outside there is space for meeting again. Before he could implement his plans, however, the financing had to be clarified. There was an initial discussion about this with the government of upper franconia in november 2016, as marco steiner reports. "It was only supposed to be an interview, but it was so constructive that there was never any need for a further discussion", he describes the good cooperation with the government.
The fact that the 1.44 million euros in funding did not come from the government of upper franconia, but from the state of bavaria, was pointed out by the two members of the state parliament, jurgen W. Heike (CSU) and susann biedefeld (SPD) stated in unison. With considerable construction costs of around 1.75 million euros, the city’s share was limited to just over 300,000 euros. This also did not change significantly during the construction period.
The former building of the kindergarten has meanwhile gone back to the evangelical church community, as rainer mattern confirmed on behalf of the deanery.
District administrator michael busch (SPD) emphasized that the district of coburg is top in bavaria in the employment rate of women. This is possible not least because the district is also top in child care.
The problems of the adults were of little interest to the children. They are thrilled with the well-equipped rooms and are eagerly awaiting the installation of the playground equipment.

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