Appeal for donations: a laboratory was so important for bichena

Appeal for donations: a laboratory was so important for bichena

Africa has a special appeal for the head of kulmbach thoracic surgery. Next year he would like to travel to the amhara region. It is situated 2000 meters above the sea level. The people living in the amhara region are among the poorest in the world. Together with other medical professionals, thomas bohrer is involved in the "friends of athiopia" project. Now the doctor from kulmbach wants to raise money for laboratory equipment for bichena primary hospital.

A worker in the amhara region earns about two euros a day, and a doctor 400 euros a month. Work is done under the simplest conditions. Conditions. The women approach on ancient machines, which they got when once.

Even the most common examinations cannot be performed in the local hospital due to lack of technical equipment. About 10 000 euros were needed to purchase the most important equipment.

Bichena is about six hours from the capital addis ababa. The city itself has a population of about 75,000, and the hospital’s catchment area includes 450,000 people.

"There are currently 32 beds available in the hospital", explains bohrer. He has already been there once with thomas siedler, who is also active in the friendship group for athiopia. The state of medical care shocked him.

19 physicians and five non-physician staff members treated 954 inpatients and 24,458 outpatients in the past six months. Of these, there were 3304 emergencies and 971 deliveries.

"The hospital is clean and tidy. But there is a lack of everything. The beds were even missing mattresses", describes bohrer. He reports a lack of bandages: "in this region, people are dying because they can’t afford medical care." The chairman of the friends of athiopia, addis mulugeta, settlers and drillers procured mattresses from a local manufacturer. "But the shortage is still severe. In the emergency room there are only three beds, they don’t even have a mobile bed or mobile operating room light there."

"The kulmbach hospital has taken three laboratory microscopes out of service and made them available", bohrer is pleased. Also an ambulance was brought to athiopia. The local ambulances are more reminiscent of motorcycles with a closed box. "It is important to me to help other people – especially in view of the fact that this hospital is located on a refugee route", says the doctor.

Contact needs the friends of athiopia are asking for donations for laboratory equipment for the bichena primary hospital.

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