An old tradition revives

An old tradition revives

"In the past, it was a matter of course to sing together at the pub, in addition to conversation and card games, especially the songs that everyone had learned at school, in the youth group or in the family, recalled otmar lutz, who led the evening. "It simply demanded the happy, sociable together." Besides, there had once been only a few other recreational opportunities. And: "the world was still small. Who came far from home?" Most of the guests had experienced this themselves. So they took the step into this "different, certainly not in every respect good, old time" with pleasure.

The 130 visitors sang such wise songs as "das wandern ist des mullers lust", "in the most beautiful meadows", "true friendship, "at the fountain in front of the gate, "we love the storms", "farewell to god’s beautiful world" or "no spare land in this time" with. Included were according to the chosen motto franken- and rhonlied, the "murschter prozession" as well as instrumental pieces like a rhonian gallop or the haferstrompolka.
Lutz made a lot of fun with some dialect episodes like the frale, who likes to go to confession, and the fritzle, who brings freshly slaughtered meat to the pastor. The "alder waltz" described a special need from oerlenbach as a declaration of love, with which every bride and groom was once addressed.

The wirtshaussingen should – as lutz explained – be an acoustic test for the kulturscheune. The community – he suggested – should reward the testers for their service with free drinks. Whether the hung flags had improved the sound, he loves openly. But clearly his congratulations to the birthday child, the FC eltingshausen: "we play for you today for free!"

The first eltingshauser wirtshaussingen, which ended with "ein schoner tag" (a beautiful day) and "it’s closing time" the guests and hosts felt that the event was a complete success. Whether with hiking or hunting songs, whether with snappy or contemplative melodies, the visitors had nothing against a new edition.

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