An advisory board should ask clear questions

An advisory board should ask clear questions

Mayor waldemar bug (odp) gave information at the burkardroth castle meeting about what is behind the name and what the planning status is. Already in 1999 the municipality had acquired the property untere marktstrabe 1. The tanner’s cellar survived the demolition and was made available for the use of the associations.

Now also the free area developed at that time is to be built on again. A symmetrical extension is planned. Next to the existing house – but with some distance – a second house in more or less the same dimensions is to be built. A connecting structure couples the two houses together. On the top floor of the new building, a room of 58 square meters with a tea kitchen and a storage room will be created. On the first floor there is a multipurpose room of 100 square meters with a toilet area. The connecting building is given a rough glass front that can be pushed open, which in the summer makes possible attractive uses in connection with the small forecourt. In addition, the tanner cellar can be used again in this way.

The citizens of burkardroth have already thought about how the new building can be used: care meeting, regional farmers’ market, small art stage, wedding room, castle meetings, offers for youth and seniors, tourist information, repair cafe, film evenings, readings, adult education courses and much more.

Construction is scheduled to start in may of this year. The implementation will take about a year. Of course, it only makes sense to bring out the construction machines if it doesn’t just remain a non-binding proposal, but if names and responsibilities are associated with this project. Therefore, an advisory board for the "cultural meeting place at the tanner cellar which, naturally in close contact with the market town council, must first of all clarify for what purposes the rooms are actually to be used, what equipment is required for the rooms and the kitchen, what connections are to be made where, or what the new house rules are to look like. This committee should have 13 to 15 members who will be responsible for the organization and operation of the new building.

There was a lot to be done: preparation of an occupancy plan and, ideally, a half-year to full-year program, instruction of users in the house rules. The council was the interface and communication medium with the municipal council, but also had the function of a janitor or "grievance officer", which also organizes less popular things such as cleaning.

Starting signal in may

If construction is to start as early as may, then time is a little tight. This is how interested citizens meet, the "kulturtreff" want to contribute to the project, on wednesday, 21. Marz, and 19.30 o’clock in the town hall of burkardroth to found the advisory board and start work. "I hope that also the younger people feel addressed in large numbers, so that the interests of all generations are taken into account", said waldemar bug.

"And what happens if the foundation does not come into being??", a citizen wanted to know. The mayor’s answer was clear: "we don’t have a plan B"." The "cultural meeting place at the tanner cellar" project is therefore doomed to success for better or worse.

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