Alois voigt from bramberg makes another tv appearance

Alois voigt from bramberg makes another tv appearance

As a "rag-and-bone man they should be known. What the people of habfurt will say? Bavarian television makes it exciting with the answer. Only in the next episode of a series about the mocking names in franconia, residents of the district town are to have their say in the program "frankenschau aktuell" and the viewers are to find out "how else the people of habfurt are allowed to be insulted". The broadcast date for this contribution from the district is not yet known.
On tuesday, alois voigt, a busy retired schoolmaster from bramberg, made another television appearance.

Mite case

Only a few days earlier, he had been advertising his own mite cheese as a speciality to television viewers in the free state, but this time he came across as a "mockingbird" in a short article about "tradition and mockery between localities in his own words.
In the habberge district, as the viewer learned in conny kleinschroth's three-minute contribution, there were a particularly large number of such names. Because of the many coal piles in the densely wooded area, the people of burgpreppach became "coal burners" the 69-year-old reported that the people of habfurt owed their nickname "lumpensammler" (rag collectors) to the fire brigade the collectors who used to go through the villages with small trucks from the county seat to ask for scrap iron, paper bones and rags.
Voigt took the opportunity to present the magnificent view from his home mountain to a wide audience: in a wide pan, the camera followed the view, which the resting standholder loved to sweep from the ruins on the bramberg over the habberge mountains with the field glasses.

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