A lot of work awaits in the archives

A lot of work awaits in the archives

The archive is the memory of a community. Well sorted and equipped with an accurate index, it is a wonderful treasure with a wealth of information about the community and life in it. The municipal alliance 7/22 sudost women around the importance of archives and has hired for this purpose julia halbleib. She first took on the seinsheim archives.

Community archive care

Iphofen, mainbernheim, markt einersheim, seinsheim, willanzheim, martinsheim and rodelsee have joined together to form an alliance. This is the first time that the city of iphofen has cooperated in the preservation of its archives under the leadership of willanzheim. Julia halbleib from gerlachshausen has been working as the new full-time archivist since mid march, for the time being for five years. The 28-year-old studied history (bachelor’s degree) and art history (master’s degree) in wurzburg and wrote her master’s thesis on field post letters from the first world war.

First stop: seinsheim

There is a lot of work waiting for them in the municipal archives. First stop so far was seinsheim. "My work in the archives depends on the seasons," she says, laughing. The explanation, however, is simple: the seinsheim archive, for example, is housed under the roof. And it gets very warm there in the summer, because the room is naturally not air-conditioned. So the transitional period of spring/summer offered itself here.

The archive in seinsheim also had the advantage that it was completely sorted until 2004 and is in relatively good condition. Until 1945, the archive material was stored in the meeting room of the town hall, and from 1945 onward, under the roof.

New directory created

Julia halbleib’s most important tool is a laptop, in which she creates the directory so that what she is looking for can be found quickly. It will be more difficult after the territorial reform, since a system changeover has taken place.

The art historian knows what needs to be archived, namely administrative records documenting the municipality’s administrative activities, deeds and documentation about local happenings.

What probably applies to most archives: everything was cancelled out. "A lot of things can be thrown away," explains julia halbleib, because a lot of things don’t need to be kept or are archived elsewhere. These materials have been marked orange by julia halbleib. And to make it easier to find the archive materials she’s looking for, the 28-year-old has also put up "signposts.


In the past, sheets of paper were held together with staples or paper clips. The metal left rusty traces on the paper. "They all have to be removed," female julia halbleib still has a lot of work ahead of her. The containers in which archival materials are stored must also be acid-free. Here the cooperation is of course also of great advantage, because since the material is needed by all, costs can be saved by a common purchase.

When the archives are then repacked, scanning should also begin – "if you already have them in hand". But that is not likely to happen in the near future. For now julia halbleib is devoting her attention to the willanzheim archive. Probably in a year it will be back in seinsheim.

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