60 Jobs in hummendorf

60 jobs in hummendorf

As mayor jorg neubauer (SPD) explained at the council meeting, there had been an interested buyer for the site in the "schiefermuhle" industrial area some time ago given in hummendorf. However, the latter had not presented a concept. In the meantime, the pflege-quartier beteiligungs-gmbh had stepped in and had convinced the town hall with a conclusive concept. Since the presentation at the august meeting of the community council there had been a lot of discussion.

The mayor informed that in the meantime intensive discussions had been held with local operators. They are now working in parallel. Should none of these get on board, the builder would resort to a private operator. This would also be located in the nearby area. 60 to 70 new jobs are to be created in hummendorf.

Joint near-warmth concept

According to the mayor, the two interest groups of hummendorf and au were also brought together for a joint local heating concept. A feasibility study is currently underway. Neubauer made it clear that the municipality is not a price driver for the land price, but rather the concept is in the foreground. The first bidder had first driven the price down and now up again, which had a very negative effect on us.

Across all factions, the municipal council agreed with neubauer’s statements and unanimously decided to sell the four plots of land in the old brickworks for 50 euros per square meter.

New fire department fee rates

After 13 years, it was once again time to adjust the fees for chargeable operations of the local fire departments. For this purpose, the administration had adopted the standard statutes of the bavarian municipal council and submitted a statute on the reimbursement of expenses and costs for operations and other services of municipal fire departments, as well as a list of flat rates. The very strongly risen prices are justified with the long time span since the last increase and were therefore accepted by the municipal council unanimously.

The municipality of weibenbrunn wants to acquire the property kanzleistrabe 2 in the hamlet of thonberg and rub it down with funds from the forderoffensive northeast bavaria. As the mayor informed, there is a bottleneck there and one could improve the road conditions crucially. The remaining space could be used for a new building within the village.

The house itself was considered a "demolition house" classified, had initially a market value of 23000 euros and is now in demand with several interested parties. The site is fully developed, and everything possible must be done to ensure that it does not remain in its present condition.

Councillor gunther obwald (SPD) did not speak against it, but he thought that the price should be set "with care" operate. The municipality does not have to buy the house at any price.

After almost all the councillors had spoken on the subject, a maximum of 50,000 euros was considered for the 1300 square meter site. With four votes against, the mayor was authorized to bid up to this price.

Burger request

At the beginning of the meeting of the municipal council, the citizen of hummendorf, horst licht, had promoted the implementation of the village renewal in hummendorf. It has been almost three years since the municipality bought the railroad station site. Little has happened there so far. He feared that the "money pot" from the public purse. The first thing to do is to appoint a project manager who will ensure that everything runs smoothly. The village renewal is divided into five parts and is not dependent on the removal of trees from the road. Licht pleaded for a citizen participation. The concept that was presented on a flyer because of corona was conceptually poor and could not be considered burger participation, said licht. He also criticized the fact that the budget does not include any funds for this purpose. His proposal was that the sale price of the land in hummendorf for the nursing home should remain there and be used for village renewal. This was not the case when the school was sold – this was not fair to the people of hummendorf, he said.

The mayor replied that the extension of the KC 5 road is the pivotal point. Only when everything is in place can the community move forward with further planning. This is also dependent on the available budgetary resources, he said.

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