37 Injured in turbulence on air canada flight

37 injured in turbulence on air canada flight

37 people injured in turbulence on air canada flight to australia.

The plane finally had to land on thursday in hawaii on schedule, the airline announced. According to the report, those affected received medical treatment and have since been released from the hospital.

According to the statement, the AC33 flight was en route from vancouver in southeastern canada to sydney on thursday with 269 passengers and 15 crew members when "unforeseen and sudden turbulence" occurred. According to global news canada, eyewitnesses reported that some passengers were not wearing seat belts and had hit their heads on the ceiling.

The boeing 777-200 was about two hours away from the island of hawaii at the time and was being diverted to the capital, honolulu. According to air canada, the passengers have been accommodated in hotels and should continue their flight to sydney on friday.

Australian band hurricane fall was also on board. The band members announced on facebook on thursday that they are doing well. "It was an insightful, incredibly scary experience, but we are thankful that we are all safe and sound," chimed in under the hashtag #wearyourseatbelts ("buckle up").

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